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Rejuve.AI x Biostrap - New Partnership Announcement


The past few months have been among the most action-packed ones in Rejuve.AI’s young history. We’ve released our official roadmap for 2024, signed new partnerships, and completed the integration of our RJV token into more of our partners’ stores.

Needless to say, the Rejuve Revolution is in full swing now. But truthfully, we’re just getting started!

Keeping this exhilarating pace, we're ecstatic to announce a new game-changing partnership with Biostrap, the global pioneer in wearables, propelling us further toward our mission of longevity for all.

Biostrap: The Most Advanced Wearable Platform

With over eight years in the game, Biostrap has been at the forefront of the wearable technology movement, earning its place as one of the most innovative and scientifically reliable developers worldwide. Their groundbreaking offerings, including the clinical-grade Kairos wrist-worn device, are changing the way we understand and improve our health. 

At the heart of Biostrap's technology lies advanced Photoplethysmography (PPG). PPG leverages light to measure the volumetric changes in blood flow. When analyzed, these changes offer a deep dive into vital biometrics and a wealth of health insights spanning different body systems. 

What sets Biostrap apart is its high-fidelity optical sensor, capturing high-resolution PPG measurements from well beneath the skin's surface. This capability ensures the extraction of the most accurate and reliable biometrics and fiducial points, which are PPG features that are key to developing novel biometric solutions.

This scientific rigor has not only positioned Biostrap as a leader in the field but has also paved the way for significant partnerships with esteemed entities like the Children Hospital Los Angeles, the UK's National Police Wellbeing Service, and the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities.

At Rejuve.AI, we're excited to join Biostrap's illustrious roster of partners. Both our organizations are deeply committed to enhancing global wellness through innovation and science. It's a partnership born from shared values — aiming to push the boundaries of what's possible in health technology. Let's explore some of these values below.

Focus on Personalized Wellness

The future of global wellness is undeniably personalized, raising health-conscious generations who are empowered to tailor their lifestyles for optimized healthspan. 

At the frontiers of this movement stand Rejuve.AI and Biostrap, each pioneering their distinct paths to personalized wellness.

As our followers already know, our Longevity App leverages AI to provide a nuanced view of biological aging. As users document their day-to-day activities, including diet, exercise, and sleep, on the App, it pinpoints the impact of these factors on the molecular drivers of aging. The App then offers tailored, AI-driven insights, guiding users on a journey to improve their biological age and, by extension, their overall wellness.

Biostrap, on the other hand, offers personalization through direct measurement and analysis of crucial biometrics like heart rate variability, sleep quality, respiratory rate and autonomic nervous system balance. Accordingly, their technology reveals long-term health patterns that may prompt users to implement strategies for improvement.

For instance, through its Spot Check feature, Biostrap provides a detailed picture of a person's autonomic nervous system balance, revealing how one’s AND toggles between "fight or flight" and "rest and digest" in real-time. This grants users an understanding of their stress levels and how well their bodies are responding to stress, paving the way for personalized interventions.

Commitment to Data Transparency

As we've just highlighted, at the core of the personalized wellness revolution is data. Loads of data. What set Biostrap and Rejuve.AI apart, however, are how we deal with this data and our unwavering commitment to transparency. 

Rejuve.AI adopts stringent protocols to ensure that Longevity App user health data is protected from third-party access. Further, we're preparing for the upcoming launch of our DataNFT, a revolutionary token designed to securely identify App users and their data contributions. 

In parallel, Biostrap exercises equally strict data protection measures. Additionally, Biostrap deviates from the norm in the wearable technology sector by offering users access to granular PPG data such fiducial points, which are specific markers in the PPG waveform, like the amplitude or the location of the dicrotic notch. These markers can determine the shape of the PPG, which can be used to compute health biomarkers, such as heart rate variability or blood oxygen levels as well as more complex biometrics including blood pressure and more. 

Many competitors choose to discard detailed waveform data to improve calculation speed, at the expense of data quality and integrity. Biostrap, however, provides users with the option to access both raw and processed PPG data, enabling a comprehensive understanding of their health insights. 

This shared ethos of data transparency by both Biostrap and Rejuve.AI not only fortifies our partnership but also elevates the standard for user-centric health and wellness solutions.

Responsibility to Push Research Forward

United by our belief in the power of collaborative research, Biostrap and Rejuve.AI recognize our responsibilities to push the boundaries of scientific discoveries and ensure access to our technology among research teams all around the world.

In this domain, Biostrap has already made significant and admirable strides, providing its sophisticated technology to support numerous initiatives. The aforementioned collaboration with the UK’s National Police Wellbeing Service, for example, has seen Biostrap play a key role in a program aimed at improving the sleep, fatigue and recovery of first responders.

Involving several forces from across the UK, the program utilizes Biostrap's Kairos to monitor vital biometrics and manage the intense physical and mental strain experienced by officers.

At Rejuve.AI, we’re inspired by Biostrap's achievements and are eager to embark on a similar path. With the upcoming launch of our Research Program, we aim to utilize data from our Longevity App to refine our AI algorithms further. This initiative will not only enhance our understanding of aging but also pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in longevity research.

Looking Ahead

As we chart the course forward, this historic partnership between Rejuve.AI and Biostrap is only just beginning to unfold its potential. Both teams are actively exploring deeper collaborative opportunities. For now, we'll leave you with this teaser: 

Imagine a future where Biostrap's cutting-edge wearable technology meets Rejuve.AI's avant-garde AI systems — the possibilities are simply boundless.


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