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Rejuve.AI x NoAGE  -  New Partnership Announcement

Updated: May 6

When you're in the longevity space, you have to be a long gamer. 

Longevity demands meticulous attention to detail and a profound appreciation for the numerous pieces of the puzzle that change with time to shape the aging process within our bodies.

Our Longevity App is a testament to this philosophy, offering a comprehensive health tracking experience.  From nutrition to exercise, sleep, mindfulness, and lab reports, users can observe how all these factors influence their hallmarks of aging. It's a truly integrated longevity solution.

Yet, the App is just one facet of our broader mission. At Rejuve.AI, we're committed to fostering a decentralized wellness ecosystem by joining forces with partners who are also in it for the long game.

So today, we're thrilled to reveal our newest partnership with NoAGE, a renowned provider of premium anti-aging products that epitomizes the spirit of longevity long-gaming.

NoAGE: A One-of-a-Kind Anti-Aging Journey

Founded in Switzerland, NoAGE defies the notion that aging is “reaching the end of useful life”. Their whole mission revolves around enabling the world to not just look but feel youthful for as long as possible. And it all started with one visionary individual: Dr. Rima Balanaškienė.

Dr. Balanaškienė is a medical doctor, innovator, owner, and CEO of Aconitum, a prominent pharmaceutical company based in Lithuania and Switzerland. She was also nominated for the Excellence in Pharma: CEO of the Year award for innovative solutions in pharmaceuticals. Dr. Balanaškienė turned her attention to aging when she noticed changes in her appearance by the age of 55 and decided not to succumb to them.

So together with accomplished scientists, she thoroughly researched theories of aging and set on to challenge the healthcare status quo of waiting for symptoms to appear and then attempting to treat them. Instead, she chose to be proactive, understand the mechanisms that drive age-related changes, and stop them at their core.

After a decade of rigorous research, the NoAGE product line was born, aimed at antagonizing the aging process. Inspired by her own anti-aging journey, Dr. Balanaškienė wants everyone to experience true rejuvenation.

Today, NoAGE ships worldwide to a massively growing customer base that praises the transformative impact of their products. Among other effects, customers have commended how NoAGE’s product line “preserves a perfect balance in the body” with it “having all the best ingredients I need in one stylish package”.

The Science Behind NoAGE

At NoAGE, scientific rigor is the cornerstone of product development. Every product is crafted with inspiration from cutting-edge research conducted by distinguished biogerontologists from Cambridge University. These products target the five key processes identified by the NoAGE to drive aging: oxidation, glycation, chronic inflammation, telomere shortening, and immunosenescence.

The product lineup includes tailored solutions such as NoAGE Women Sapphirus, designed for females over 25 seeking enduring beauty, NoAGE Women Smaragdus, catering to women around 50 experiencing hormonal changes, and NoAGE Men Diamond, offering male vigor and energy. This attention to detail, including consideration of age-related hormonal shifts in women, exemplifies NoAGE's scientific prowess.

This has helped NoAGE products yield impressive results in research settings. In a placebo-controlled randomized controlled trial involving 69 healthy women aged 35-45, participants using NoAGE products exhibited marked improvements compared to the placebo group. 

Notably, the NoAGE cohort experienced reduced skin redness and inflammation, indicative of youthful skin. Moreover, self-reported outcomes included enhanced hair growth, improved nail appearance, and increased energy levels — a testament to the wide-ranging efficacy of NoAGE's scientifically-backed formulations.

How NoAGE Plays the Long Game

NoAGE products aren't your typical supplements that you try your luck with when seeking a quality of life boost. They are holistic experiences dedicated to your health and longevity.

Each NoAGE product comprises a blend of over 38 ingredients strategically curated to deliver optimal results throughout the week, ensuring peak performance that doesn't wane by the weekend.

To elaborate, NoAGE regimens are structured around a weekly cycle, with each day featuring a specific pair of products — a capsule and a vial — tailored to address key aspects of aging as follows:

  • Pure Monday: Fortified with ingredients combating oxidative stress to protect your cells against free radicals.

  • Innovative Tuesday: Packed with ingredients targeting skin aging, actively combating wrinkles, and promoting youthful skin.

  • Effective Wednesday: Harnessing ingredients to regulate inflammatory responses

  • Balanced Thursday: Enriched with ingredients preserving telomere length, crucial for combating cellular aging.

  • Powerful Friday: Boosted with immune-empowering ingredients.

This unique approach underscores how NoAGE plays the long game, ensuring continuous vitality and a premium health journey that's both delightful and effective all week long. 

Looking Ahead

With the partnership now official, we're tremendously excited to bring NoAGE's anti-aging excellence closer to our vibrant Rejuve.AI community of longevity enthusiasts.

To celebrate this occasion, NoAGE extends an exclusive 10% discount on all products for Rejuve.AI community members through this link:

Use promo code LONGEVITY10 for your discount.


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