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  • Can I request to have my data deleted?
    Yes, Rejuve is committed to data sovereignty, and compliant with GDPR, thus you can choose to have your data deleted at any time. You can go to settings and select "Deactivate Account". If you would like your data permanently deleted from our database, please contact
  • How are the Biological Age and Insights calculated?
    Longevity utilizes advanced AI techniques to generate a customized Biological Age and Insights report, centered around the Hallmarks of Aging and different health categories. While the App's algorithms are designed based on sound scientific principles, they are not yet validated or tested. Therefore, it's important to consult with your healthcare provider before making any significant changes to your lifestyle or treatment plan based on the app's recommendations. We are constantly improving the algorithms, and any data you contribute will help us improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the App's assessments. In the current installment of the App, the underlying AI consists of the first of three of Rejuve Network's AI services, Bayes Expert. This system was trained on data from the NHANES survey 1999-2018. What is NHANES? NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) is a program conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that collects data on health and nutritional status of people in the United States. NHANES data includes information on demographics, diet, physical activity, medical conditions, laboratory results, and more. How is bias addressed in the context of this data set/others used in training of Bayes Expert and other AI systems used in the Longevity App? AI systems can use NHANES data as a training source to develop predictive models for various health outcomes. These models can help identify risk factors for diseases, guide clinical decision-making, and inform public health policies. Bias in AI systems refers to the presence of unfair or unintended effects in the output of the system, often due to the underlying data used to train the system. Bias can occur when the data used to train the AI system is not representative of the population it aims to serve, or when the data reflects historical discrimination or inequality. For example, NHANES data may reflect the biases of USA society such as failure to fully capture the experiences of marginalized groups, such as people of color or low-income individuals, who may be underrepresented in the survey. To address this, Rejuve utilizes a large volume of data from systematic reviews and meta-analyses of studies from across the world, and continues to integrate new datasets, along with that of which we are aiming to build today, along with innovative AI techniques, such as controlling for confounding variables, to mitigate and balance biases and gather a more wholistic picture from a systems biology point of view, leading to better models that serve all/can be utilized for better personalized recommendations.
  • How can I get more involved in Rejuve/contribute in a greater way?
    Are you an AI developer? Medical professional? Do you have innovative ideas for how to expand the functionality or reach of the Rejuve: Longevity app? You can contact us at or join our official telegram community.
  • How is my personal medical data protected?
    Data entered in the Rejuve: Longevity app is stored locally on your device, and in our secure AWS servers. We adhere to the 'minimum necessary' standard, only accessing data to the extent needed for operations including coding and debugging of the App, adjusting of the AI algorithms, and troubleshooting. We never share your data with third parties without expressed consent. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information.
  • What are RJV tokens? How can I use them?
    Rejuve (RJV) tokens are awarded for data submissions to the Rejuve Data Commons. RJV tokens can be redeemed in the Longevity App Rewards Store for discounts on partner products and services. You can find out more in the My Rewards section of the App.
  • What does it mean to "Submit" data? How is my data used?
    Data submitted to the Longevity App is used to calculate your Biological Age and Insights framed around the Hallmarks of Aging and various health metrics. Rejuve Network members can also elect to contribute their data to cutting-edge longevity research via verifying identity and creating a Data NFT. We will never share your data with third parties without your expressed consent. This also makes one eligible to claim tokens. Completing a survey in My Tasks does not automatically submit your results for token rewards/research purposes; to make an official submission visit the Rewards tab.
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