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Rejuve.AI Roadmap: 2024 Outlook

Rejuve.AI's Roadmap in 2024

It takes a special kind of ambition to ignite a movement, unite a team of specialists from over 10 countries, and work together on a valiant goal: putting longevity in the hands of the people.

While ambition has defined our journey at Rejuve.AI so far, it’s you, our Rejuve Community, that have transformed our high-reaching ambitions into tangible realities, step by step.

Your enthusiasm and commitment to our mission fueled our significant achievements in 2023, including the much-anticipated redesign of the Longevity App.

In 2024, we’re counting on your passion more than ever to push us to greater heights. So, today, we’re proudly sharing with you our official roadmap of milestones we aim to achieve this year.

As our journey rolls on, we’re maintaining full transparency and embracing ongoing dialogue. You know we wouldn’t have it any other way.

With that said, we invite you to join us as we share a special preview of what 2024 holds for Rejuve.AI, promising a year of innovation, collaboration, and groundbreaking advancements in the field of longevity.

1- Introduction of Rejuve Ambassador Program

Once again, we can’t overstate the role of the Rejuve Community on this journey so far. However, 2024 is the year we bring you closer to the action!

We’ve heard your “Hey! How can I support beyond testing the App?” and your desire to be actively involved. It’s clear you’re ready to lead, not just support from the sidelines.

In response, we’re excited to unveil the Rejuve Ambassadors Program.

While we’re still fine-tuning the details, this initiative is designed to mobilize our community, empowering you to drive progress more directly than ever before. Our community’s spectrum of talents is vast and varied, and it’s time those were harnessed more effectively.

The program will feature several divisions, allowing you to contribute in ways that are most meaningful to you. Whether you’re a clinician eager to offer your professional insights, an influencer ready to spread the word, a governance expert interested in leading the creation of our DAO, a developer keen to contribute to our GCN, or someone simply looking to assist with moderation or other tasks in your free time, there’s a place for you. We’ll open some spots for community moderators too.

The Ambassadors Program promises to be a pivotal step on our collaborative journey, offering rewards, recognition, and the chance to shape the future of Rejuve.AI together.

2- Installation of Age Estimator + Bayes Expert V2 on Longevity App

Many Beta testers have had questions about how we calculate Biological Age, what made their age go up or down, and how they can improve it.

The answer here is that this version of the Age Estimator is a demo version based on a simple algorithm that was installed for the Beta version of the App. But, the launch-ready version will offer a more sophisticated system, a variational auto-encoder (VAE) which is calibrated on the data from the Bayesian Network, including wearables data.

We’re stoked to share that the core development of the new Age Estimator is now complete, with integration into the app’s backend architecture underway.

That brings us to Bayes Expert V2.

The initial version of Bayes Expert laid the groundwork for the Longevity App by training on the NHANES dataset, alongside systematic reviews and meta-analyses. However, community feedback highlighted the absence of crucial longevity biomarkers like inflammatory markers IL-6 and TNF-α, among others not initially captured.

To address this and offer the most comprehensive insights, we’ve elected to upgrade to Bayes Expert V2, integrating a broader selection of biomarkers. Bayes Expert V2, enriched with additional meta-analyses, promises more personalized and scientifically accurate health insights via scientifically validated statistical inference.

This update also addresses a persistent issue where physically active users receive misleading feedback on their exercise routines. User interface improvements are also part of this update, aimed at increasing transparency on how insights are derived and improving the clarity and educational value of health messages.

However, a small catch is that intensive manual work is required to perfect this new version of Bayes Expert. But, at least that’s some reassurance for the data scientists reading this that AI isn’t coming for your jobs just yet.

Once we integrate Bayes Expert V2 into the App, we’ll have taken a major step toward launch readiness. Approximately one month of dedicated work is anticipated to complete this phase, followed by thorough integration, testing, and quality assurance processes.

3- Launch of Longevity App on App Store and Play Store

The upcoming launch of the Longevity App stands as the community’s most anticipated moment of the year, and quite possibly, since the inception of Rejuve.AI.

Our team is pouring every ounce of effort into finalizing the App, pushing forward with the installation of the AI systems we discussed above, alongside a few other improvements. We’ve been swiftly progressing on these updates, as you can follow along in our weekly development recaps on Telegram.

Once these final pieces are in place, we’ll be ready to submit the Longevity App for review and listing on both iOS’ App Store and Android’s Play Store. This launch will not only signify a significant achievement for 2024 but will also serve as a catalyst for our future objectives, as we’ll discuss in a bit.

However, let’s be clear: this is merely the beginning. Our commitment to enhancing the Longevity App doesn’t pause with its launch.

We’re already eyeing an extensive roadmap of features to make it an even more intelligent health companion. Post-launch, we’ll also have more room to review your suggested features and start incorporating the most requested ones, further tailoring the app to serve your health journey better.

4- Implementation of RJV Spending on the Longevity App

Aside from questions about the launch date of the Longevity App, the next most common inquiry we receive is “When can I start spending RJV tokens?”. Well, the answer is: right now, if you want to!

Thanks to our partnership with, announced last year, you can already use RJV tokens to book hotels, flights, and holistic experiences on crypto’s favorite travel website.

Additionally, through our monumental partnership with NOWPayments, we’re bridging the gap between traditional healthcare and crypto, enabling businesses in this sector, starting with those in our partner network, to embrace crypto transactions by accepting RJV tokens seamlessly.

This only marks an initial step toward embedding RJV as the core of a Web3-based health and wellness economy. Moving forward, one of the primary ways you’ll be able to use RJV is by redeeming discounts on health products and services from our partners within the in-App Rewards Store.

Offerings range from genome sequencing and telomere testing to science-backed supplements, wearables, biological age tests, and more. To kickstart this, we’ll enable the redemption of select offers for free for a limited time immediately following the app’s launch, with the full spending capability installed shortly thereafter.

Moreover, within the Longevity App itself, RJV will unlock additional functionalities. You’ll be able to request extra runs of our advanced AI algorithms for more elaborate longitudinal health tracking. A little further down the line, you’ll be able to use RJV for in-depth genomic data analysis, personalized wellness plans, and premium subscriptions — offering even more handy features to elevate your health journey.

As we continue to evolve the app’s functionality, expect to see even more innovative ways to leverage RJV tokens.

5- AGIX Hodler’s Airdrop

Hot on the heels of activating of RJV spending capabilities within our Longevity App, we’re jumping right into another highly anticipated milestone: the AGIX Holders Airdrop.

So AGIX token holders, you’ll have to hold on for dear life no more. And you’re in for a treat!

As per the Phase II initiative, Rejuve.AI will be distributing 5% of its total supply of RJV tokens to SingularityNET AGIX token holders once RJV spending goes live.

More details on the airdrop schedule and eligibility criteria will be revealed in due time. But, we assure you it’ll be worth the wait.

6- Integration of Data NFT Smart Contracts into the Longevity App

The completion of the Rejuve Network plan for data contribution, rewards, and ownership is capstoned by the introduction of the Data NFT (dNFT). This development will shape the way memberships and contributions are recognized within the network.

dNFT is designed to uniquely identify members of the network and connect to their data contributions. Plus, it tracks data utilization in product development, applying an AI-driven mechanism to calculate RJV token rewards based on product impact. And that’s how it redefines ownership, shifting profit dynamics from corporations to individual contributors.

The dNFT also serves to prevent gaming; fraudulent activities such as multiple account creation for additional rewards.

We’re happy to share that this smart contract is already developed and will undergo a comprehensive audit soon. The forthcoming updates to the Longevity App’s User Interface will include the option to register for a dNFT.

However, this process might necessitate Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to ensure account and data security, aiming for a one-to-one correspondence between a dNFT and an individual. All users wanting to contribute data will be required to complete a single KYC process through a third-party provider that will support in the generation of every user’s unique digital identity.

7- Installation of Wallet Connections on the App

Following the establishment of a secure framework ensuring that each member of the Rejuve Network can hold only one dNFT for data contribution and rewards claiming, our next step will focus on enabling users to claim their rewards.

Our goal is to facilitate this process through personal wallets, supporting a broad array of blockchain networks, including Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Cardano.

However, it’s important to note the complexity of the dNFT contract necessitates the use of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible wallets for holding these tokens. Accordingly, Cardano users will be required to create an EVM wallet and link it to their Cardano wallet to claim their RJV-ADA rewards.

8- Kickoff of Formal Research Program/Data Commons

The culminating milestone on our roadmap for this year is our most ambitious yet. It’s our gateway to disrupting and decentralizing aging research for the benefit of everyone’s longevity.

It’s the official kickoff of the Research Program and Data Commons.

To elaborate, the ways you engage within Rejuve Network can vary. For instance, you may use the Longevity App solely for personal health tracking reasons. In this scenario, your data will primarily be used to provide health insights and calculate your biological age, but its privacy will be maintained beyond app improvement and marketing purposes that are in accordance with the App Privacy Policy and Terms of Service (TLDR: Your data is never sold or shared with third parties).

Alternatively, you may also choose and are encouraged (but not obligated) to leverage the full spectrum of Network benefits by registering for dNFT and joining the Research Program.

This commitment allows for the contribution of data to the Data Commons, improving our AI algorithms that are dedicated to aging research. In return, you receive additional RJV tokens and exclusive opportunities to engage in cutting-edge longevity studies and clinical trials. This not only expedites the development of novel longevity treatments but also ensures that you have early access to these advancements.

The power of the Research Program lies in its inclusivity and scope. It addresses a critical bottleneck in current longevity research: underrepresentation.

As we ramp up marketing efforts, the Longevity App is poised to attract a global user base, breaking down barriers of nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, and health status to generate genuinely field-advancing data and insights.

Moreover, empowerment through dNFTs ensures that members retain full control and equity over their data. The prospect of directly benefiting from the advancements their data helps achieve acts as a powerful incentive, fostering a virtuous cycle.

As more members join the Research Program, the data pool becomes even more representative, enhancing the quality of research and accelerating our way to solving aging — together.

Final Reflections

Now, you see how we’re taking our ambition to a whole new level this year. Our team is up to the challenge, and with your support, we truly believe that this roadmap is achievable.

However, in the name of transparency, we wanted to share a reminder with ourselves before our community. Things don’t always go as planned. We might face some app store bureaucracies. An AI bug might pop up. Token installation might take just a little longer.

So, we’re not ruling out the emergence of any unexpected event that might shift our roadmap around a bit. Yet, we remain resolute and proactive. Each challenge is a step closer to our shared vision of a healthier, longer future for all.


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