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Peptide Bioregulator Partners with Rejuve.AI: Now Accepting RJV Tokens


2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year for Rejuve.AI. We just unveiled our official action-packed roadmap for this year, marked by several ambitious milestones.

Examples include the introduction of our Ambassadors Program, the launch of the much-anticipated Longevity App on the App Store and Play Store, and the initiation of groundbreaking aging research through our Research Program and Data Commons.

Hot on the heels of these announcements, we're ecstatic to announce a new partnership with Peptide Bioregulator, a company that’s as passionate about health and longevity as we are. They’re not just experts in peptide supplements; they’re pioneers, just like us.

Peptide Bioregulator: The Premier Source of Peptide Supplements Worldwide

For over nine years, Peptide Bioregulator has been at the forefront of the supplements industry, setting high standards with their unparalleled quality of peptides and a sterling reputation backed by strong reviews.

Beyond offering premium supplements, their team of doctors provides invaluable treatment advice, ensuring that every individual's journey toward better health is both informed and tailored.

At the heart of Peptide Bioregulator's mission lies a commitment to enhancing the body's natural functions, aiming to rejuvenate its resources, optimize physiological operations, and significantly improve the quality and duration of life's active phases. Their approach is meticulous: each capsule is precisely formulated to target specific systems within the human body, ensuring holistic well-being.

For those with specific health aspirations, Peptide Bioregulator offers a suite of 11 lab-tested formulas combining 3-5 peptides for maximum efficiency. Those who are interested in sports performance, for example, can go for the specially designed Recover 5 Plus, targeting areas like muscle, cartilage, and brain health.

Quality is paramount at Peptide Bioregulator, where three pillars—cleanness, activity, and stability—guide their product development.

But that's not all. Beyond their peptide offerings, Peptide Bioregulator also provides a range of vitamins, collagen, and even peptide supplements for pets, ensuring that every family member's health is catered to.

What Exactly Are Peptides?

Peptides are rapidly gaining popularity in the longevity market, with an estimated 15 million people worldwide already tapping into their benefits [1]. But what exactly are these substances that everyone's talking about? 

Simply put, peptides are chains of 2 to 50 amino acids, the very building blocks of proteins, albeit peptides are much smaller in size [2].

In the longevity community, peptides might be referred to by two other names. One is "Khavinson Peptides," named after the esteemed Russian aging researcher, Professor Vladimir Khavinson. 

Professor Khavinson, rumored at one point to be a personal aging advisor to President Vladimir Putin, pioneered the isolation of these compounds from animals in the early '70s, unveiling their therapeutic potential. His research led to the discovery of over 20 complexes of physiologically active peptides extracted from various organs, alongside 15 others synthesized directly from amino acids.

Another term you might encounter is "bioregulators," aptly named for their role in regulating biological processes within organisms. 

These short-chain peptides are akin to gene switches, capable of rejuvenating the body's biological reserve by influencing gene expression and protein synthesis across a broad spectrum of life, from plants to humans. Their mechanism is profoundly intricate; short peptides can penetrate cell nuclei, interacting with the nucleosome, histone proteins, and DNA. This interaction plays a crucial role in DNA replication, transcription, and repair [3]

Moreover, peptides can influence DNA methylation, an epigenetic mechanism that either activates or represses genes, impacting both health and the aging process [3].

Health Benefits of Peptides

While the Peptide Bioregulator team emphasizes that these supplements are not intended to replace conventional medical treatments, they advocate that integrating a complex of bioregulators into one's daily regimen can pave the way for a longer, more productive life. This potential is driven by the numerous health benefits reported in promising studies across various conditions.

For instance, amidst the global challenge of COVID-19, a study highlighted the impact of Thymalin, an immunoprotective peptide. Administered alongside standard therapy to 36 patients, those receiving Thymalin exhibited a notably quicker clinical improvement. This group saw higher recovery rates from low white blood cell levels and swifter normalization of inflammation and coagulation markers, compared to their counterparts on standard therapy alone [4].

Another compelling study focused on Cortexin, a brain-boosting peptide, and its role in treating cognitive dysfunction in children aged 3-7. With 635 participants, the study employed a regimen of 10 intramuscular injections of Cortexin. Results indicated a significant improvement in attention, visual memory, and thinking abilities, particularly among children with ADHD aged 3-4 years, showcasing Cortexin's potential and good tolerability [5].

Furthermore, longevity enthusiasts might find the findings on Epithalamin particularly intriguing. In a 15-year randomized comparative study on elderly individuals with premature cardiovascular aging, Epithalamin administration was associated with a slowed aging rate and reduced mortality. By study's end, a higher survival rate (66.7%) was observed in the Epithalamin group compared to the control (40%), alongside evidence suggesting that long-term use of Epithalamin could decelerate cardiovascular system aging [6].

Looking Ahead

The compelling studies we've shared deepen our enthusiasm for the role of peptide supplements in enhancing health and longevity. So, it’s with immense pride we welcome Peptide Bioregulator into our family of prestigious partners.

This partnership is a quintessential win-win: it not only opens up access to these promising supplements for the health aficionados within the Rejuve Community but also introduces Peptide Bioregulator to a new, eager audience looking to pay for their health products in novel ways -- using cryptocurrency.

In a move that signals our mutual excitement for this partnership, Peptide Bioregulator has already integrated the RJV token as a payment option on their online store. So, if you’ve been curious about incorporating peptides into your health regimen, there’s no better time than the present to dive in.

Not only will you have the option to pay for your order in RJV, but we’ve also arranged a special discount for Rejuve Community members on all Peptide Bioregulator products.

Use promo code rejuv2024 at checkout to activate your discount!

Visit the Peptide Bioregulator online store now:


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