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Track your longevity, enhance your well-being, and earn rewards.

Activity and Insights screens of the Longevity App
Home screen of the Longevity App

Available on both iOS and Android, the Longevity App will allow users to submit personal health details from sources like surveys, lab results, and wearables, earning RJV tokens in return.


Our AI offers tailored health recommendations, guiding users and updating them on their journey to improved longevity. Upon data submission, users earn RJV tokens, redeemable for exclusive discounts on health-related products and services.

Read our FAQ to learn more.


Determine your bio age picture

Determine Your Biological Age

Your Biological Age reflects how your body's systems and tissues age relative to your chronological age. With Rejuve: Longevity's Age Estimator AI, understand the influence of health factors like diet, exercise, and sleep on your aging process, also factoring in aging signs such as reduced mobility.

sync your wearbales illustration

Sync Your Wearables

Whether you use a FitBit, Garmin, Oura Ring, Apple Watch, or Apple Health, link your wearable health device to refine your insights. By doing so, you'll get more precise baseline information and closely monitor health shifts potentially tied to aging.

Input your Lab Test results illustration

Input Your Lab Test Data

By incorporating your lab test results, you not only enhance the precision of your longevity assessment but also amplify the significance of your profile within our database. This comprehensive approach ensures a more tailored health analysis and contributes to the broader understanding of aging patterns.

Tokens earning illustration

Collect and Contribute

Join pioneering longevity research and be rewarded with RJV tokens. Share health insights through surveys, sync wearables, and complete health profiles to contribute and earn.

Access to supplements and other products illustration

Unlock Premium Benefits

Use your accrued RJV tokens for member-exclusive deals on evidence-based supplements, age assessment kits, wearables, genome sequencing packages, upcoming longevity treatments, and much more!

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Dive into the Future of Longevity and Wellness

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