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Empowering Contributors: Rejuve's Tokenized Ecosystem

Rejuve champions a unique principle of rewarding every data contribution, including both health data via the App and AI models via the GCN, within its network. 


Through the Longevity App, our tokens represent empowerment and value. Central to our ecosystem is the utility token, used for transactions and signifying membership in the Rejuve network.


Additionally, we utilize two types of NFTs to track intellectual property and manage data permissions, ensuring every member gets a fair share of the benefits. In essence, our tokens democratize longevity research access, recognizing and celebrating our collective efforts and shared vision.

RJV Utility token

The heart of the Rejuve Network that symbolizes both membership and active participation.

RJV token image

Data NFT (in-app ID)

For each member, a uniques NFT is minted, linked directly to their RejuveID.

data NFT image

Product NFT

Fractionalized NFTs are allocated to everyone who contributed their data or effort to a product.

product NFT image


Explore diverse ways to earn RJV tokens

CompleteSurveys icon

Completing surveys to supply data

connect wearables icon

Uploading time series data from wearables

data gathering icon

Participating in focused data-gathering events (e.g. sleep data blitz)

referral icon

Referring friends to download app & do minimal activity

data for studies icon

Your data being used by Rejuve for a particular study

data used for discoveries icons

Your data leading to new research/therapies

ClinicalTrials icon

Participating in Rejuve Network or partner-sponsored clinical trials


Unlock Exclusive Rewards with RJV Tokens!

Redeem your RJV for

Participation in Voting Events

AI processing of data (clinics/organizations)

  • supplements

  • longevity clinic services/spas

  • wearables/peripherals

  • medical/DNA tests

  • future drugs and therapies developed as a result of Rejuve research

a visual list of items one can purchase with the RJV tokens

What can you utilize tokens for?

Personalized longevity reports

background gradient

Unlock Longevity Benefits Inside the App!


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