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Rejuve.AI Ambassadors Program Launch


Community is at the core of everything we do at Rejuve.AI. And we promised 2024 would be the year we bring you — all our amazing community members — closer to the action. We’ve heard your desire to be actively involved. It’s clear you’re ready to lead, not just support from the sidelines.

So here we are today: rolling out the first wave of our Ambassadors Program!

What Is Rejuve.AI’s Ambassadors Program?

The Ambassadors Program is a strategic initiative that aims to foster a closer relationship between Rejuve.AI and our community. The first milestone on our 2024 roadmap, it’s designed to empower community members by giving them a more direct role in driving progress.

The Program is inclusive, welcoming the community’s diverse range of talents to contribute their time, thought, and expertise to a variety of tasks vital to Rejuve.AI’s mission.

Recognizing the efforts of Ambassadors, the Program offers rewards, including an allotted 40,000,000 RJV tokens, and the opportunity to influence the future direction of Rejuve.AI.

The Divisions of the Ambassadors Program

The Program is structured into several divisions, allowing Ambassadors to contribute in areas that align with their skills and interests. Percentages of RJV allocation among the divisions are based on the anticipated impact of their roles on Rejuve.AI’s growth strategies in the next two years.

Moderators (7.5% of RJV Allocation)

The Moderators Division of the Ambassadors Program oversees community engagement and support. It involves active participation in our Telegram and Discord channels, social media, content creation, issue reporting, and fostering a positive community atmosphere. The Moderators Division offers two tiers with increasing rewards and responsibilities. Ambassadors may choose to sign up for either based on availability. 

KOLs and Influencers (20% of RJV Allocation)

The KOLs and Influencers division engages influential community members with significant followings across various social platforms. They amplify news about Rejuve.AI, invite their audiences to try out the Longevity App, and create content such as reviews, blogs, and videos. Leveraging their reach, they swiftly enhance brand recognition and facilitate community growth.

Physicians, Clinicians, and Researchers (20% of RJV Allocation)

The Physicians, Clinicians, and Researchers Division comprises medical professionals providing essential feedback on the Longevity App, Rejuve.AI’s aging research, and different network initiatives. They meet semi-regularly, offering advisory support and endorsing Rejuve.AI within their communities and professional networks. Their involvement is pivotal for building credibility and trust within scientific and medical circles.

Governance (20% of RJV Allocation)

The Governance division is composed of members passionate about decentralization, leading the company’s DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The to-be-established DAO will facilitate self-governance through automated logic and smart contracts. It will oversee research activities, network partnerships, and reward distribution. Effective governance will ensure alignment with Rejuve.AI’s mission and foster a dedicated community with a stake in its future.

Developers (11.25% of RJV Allocation)

The Developers division gathers talented coders and programmers within our community. They contribute to Open Source repositories, collaborate to seed our Generative Cooperative Network (GCN), and assist in developing systems for authenticating and weighing the value of community data submissions. Their expertise in AI and blockchain is instrumental in advancing our technology and algorithms.

Community Tasks (6.25% of RJV Allocation)

The Community Tasks Division focuses on short, specific tasks aimed at supporting the Rejuve.AI team to complete some objectives faster. Tasks are simple enough for community members to pick up in their free time, such as light research tasks, data cleaning, and even light-hearted activities such as creating memes and stickers for the Rejuve Community.

Longevity App Beta Testers (7.5% of RJV Allocation)

The Longevity App Beta Testers division grants exclusive access to live development builds, enabling testers to identify and rectify bugs, support quality assurance, and provide feedback on features and usability. Testers may also engage in activities like creating walkthroughs and reviews, encouraging a broader user base to participate in the testing phase so that the App meets diverse user needs before wider release. As the App goes live, a developers program will stay active for this division’s Ambassadors to test new features of forthcoming updates.

Miscellaneous (7.5% of RJV Allocation)

This division offers a Token Reserve for various other initiatives, including those focusing on education and outreach. Contributions may include organizing in-person events centered around health and longevity, such as workouts, healthy food meet-ups, and book clubs. The Reserve may also be utilized for other divisions of the Ambassador Program if the need arises.

The First Wave of the Ambassadors Program

As part of the first wave of the Program, we’re ready to launch and reveal the details of the Moderators Division, which comes in two tiers, and the Community Tasks Division. Information on the expected contributions, remuneration, and how to get started with each division are below.

Moderators Division Tier 1

Community Supporters — Vitality Boosters: ~3–5 hours per week | 2250 RJV

Activities: Regularly engage with and share Rejuve.AI’s social media posts. Participate in daily conversations on Telegram, answering basic questions and welcoming new members.

Rewards and Benefits:

  • 2250 amount of RJV per quarter.

  • Swag (T-shirts, hats, water bottles, etc.)

Frequency of Engagement: Active presence on social media and covering one or more time zones on Telegram and Discord:

[24:00–04:00 UTC]

[04:00–08:00 UTC]

[08:00–12:00 UTC]

[12:00–16:00 UTC]

[16:00–20:00 UTC]

[20:00–24:00 UTC]

Types of Contributions: Reacting to and sharing posts, welcoming new members, and basic question answering.

Participation Requirements:

  • Share Rejuve.AI social media & blog posts. 

  • Initiate or participate in discussions on Telegram & Discord. 

  • Maintain a positive and helpful presence, as observed by community feedback. 

  • Ban/Delete spam and offensive content

Moderators Division Tier 2

Community Advocates — Age Defiers: ~6–10 hours per week | 4500 RJV

Activities: In addition to Tier 1 activities, advocates create weekly discussion prompts for Telegram, contribute to content creation (such as testimonials or community stories), and report any issues to higher-tier moderators or Team.

Rewards and Benefits:

  • 4500 amount of RJV per quarter.

  • Swag (T-shirts, hats, water bottles, etc.)

  • Opportunity to directly connect with the Rejuve.AI team.

  • Opportunity to represent Rejuve.AI during events at Team’s discretion.

  • Priority consideration for open career opportunities at Rejuve.AI according to experience.

How to Be a Standout Moderator: Achieving higher engagement metrics and showing leadership in community discussions helps a moderator stand out and increases their chances of being more involved in Team activities.

Frequency of Engagement: Daily activities on various platforms, covering one or more time zones on Telegram and Discord. Attending a monthly meeting with Team.

Types of Contributions: Creating discussion prompts, FAQs, guides, chat rules, drafting community stories, reporting issues, assisting with content creation.

Participation Requirements:

  • Fulfill Tier 1 requirements.

  • Create at least 4 engaging discussion threads/polls per month. 

  • Option to submit community-driven content pieces (e.g., blog ideas, testimonials, mini blogs). 

  • Actively participate in community management by identifying and resolving or escalating significant issues. 

  • Sign NDA, attend meetings with Team.

Community Tasks Division

Community Tasks (name TBA) contributors don’t have to commit to being Moderators and they earn rewards based on the completion of assigned tasks. Here are more details:

  • Community tasks will be allocated to members and managed via DeWork.

  • Members can earn up to 500 RJV per task with the possibility to earn more for more complex tasks in the future.

  • Members must have Discord accounts to participate.

  • Community tasks are available now for community members to start via this link.

How to Join the Ambassadors Program

The official launch of the Ambassadors Program took place on April 4th with a very special Town Hall. You can watch the replay on YouTube here.


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