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Rejuve.AI Q4 '23 Update 🌎

Updated: Jan 5

As we wrap up an incredible year, we want to share some exciting updates and milestones we achieved in the final quarter of 2023 as we transition into 2024. Buckle up for the highlights!

🖌️ App Redesign: Completed

Exciting news - our app redesign is complete! Check out the new, sleek interface in the beta version. We're currently ironing out the last few bugs and are eagerly looking forward to the app being live in the app stores. For a sneak peek of what's coming up before the official launch, head over to our latest blog post for more details.

🌍 Cardano Summit Highlights

L > R Elvira Khismatullina, Partnerships Manager, Melissa Lowry, Marketing Director; Jasmine Smith, CEO

Rejuve.AI had an amazing presence at the Cardano Summit in Dubai. We seized the opportunity to connect with fellow projects in the Cardano ecosystem and build valuable partnerships, reinforcing our commitment to pioneering longevity research. Jasmine was interviewed by Web3 TV discussing Rejuve's impact on the Cardano ecosystem and the future of longevity in blockchain.

🌟 Wonderland Conference: A Keynote Success Jasmine speaking at Wonderland Miami

As a key speaker at the Wonderland Conference, CEO Jasmine presented insights on the intersection of decentralization and AI in groundbreaking research. Curious to learn more? Watch the full keynote session for thought-provoking discussions.

🤝 New Partnership: NOWPayments

Rejuve.AI is proud to announce a strategic partnership with NOWPayments. This collaboration is set to expand the utility of the RJV token, making it more accessible for everyone to purchase longevity products from our partners. For detailed information, dive into our press release.

💬 Bitrue AMA Recap

Were you unable to join our recent AMA session with Bitrue held on the 18th? No worries! Catch up on the insightful conversation with Jasmine and key takeaways by following this link.

🛍️ Exclusive Partner Deals

As a valued member of the Rejuve.AI community, we're thrilled to offer you exclusive discounts on some of the best health and wellness products. Enhance your longevity journey with these special deals:

Garmin Wearables

Elevate your wellness routine with Garmin's top-notch fitness trackers and smartwatches. As a Rejuve member, you're entitled to exclusive discounts. Grab your Garmin discount code here and step up your fitness game! *US and Canada only

TruDiagnostic Testing Kits

Dive deeper into your health metrics with TruDiagnostic's advanced testing. Get valuable insights into your biological age and more. Claim your special TruDiagnostic discount here.

Juvify Health Discounts

Discover Juvify Health's range of wellness products, tailored to enhance your health and longevity. Enjoy special discounts exclusive to Rejuve members. Use code REJUVE10 for 10% off your purchase here.

A Warm Welcome to New Teammates 🌟

Stuart Hall Persival Balleste Hussein Elwan

Community Manager Product Manager Content Writer

We're delighted to introduce our latest additions to the Rejuve.AI family:

Stuart: Community Manager, dedicated to fostering our vibrant community.

Persival: Product Manager, leading the charge in app development.

Hussein: Content Writer, crafting engaging blog posts and articles to educate and increase Rejuve’s visibility.

Rejuve in the News 📰

Our mission at Rejuve.AI to extend and enhance human life is capturing attention far and wide! From insightful interviews to in-depth articles, we've been making headlines. Here's a roundup of our recent features:

In a thought-provoking piece by Decrypt, our CEO delves into the challenges and opportunities in our pursuit of not just longer, but healthier lives.

AI for Drug Discovery and Longevity Tune into this Apple Podcasts episode, where our CEO discusses how AI is revolutionizing drug discovery and longevity research.

Discover how blockchain and AI are coming together to push the boundaries of research in human longevity in this feature by Cointelegraph.

Aesthetic Appointment explores our innovative approach to understanding and impacting the aging process.

Featured at the Wonderland Conference, join us for an engaging episode on the High on Healthy podcast, discussing Rejuve's unique position in longevity research. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to make waves in the world of longevity and AI!

🌐🚀 🔄 Token Migration Portal Launched

RejuveAI in collaboration with SingularityDAO began a migration of the RJV token contract stuck on the multi-chain bridge. This solution has consisted of progressively burning tokens from the old contract and re-issuing them via a new, identical contract.

This Migration Event will continue through the duration of the vesting period (until March 2025). For a comprehensive guide on the migration process, check out our migration blog post.

Here are important links for your convenience:

ETH Contract Address: View on Etherscan

BSC Contract Address: View on BSCScan

Step Chain Bridge:

🔄BitTrue and Coinex Listings

Exciting news! RJV tokens are now listed on Bitrue and Coinex, expanding our reach and accessibility.

🌟 Farewell, 2023 - Hello 2024!

As we’ve bid farewell to 2023, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your unwavering support. We're excited about the possibilities that 2024 holds and look forward to continuing our journey toward groundbreaking longevity research and innovation.

The Rejuve.AI Team


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