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RJV Token Migration Event: Solution for Step Chain + More

14/11 UPDATE:

The migration of RJV tokens is now active and will be until March 2025.

New Contract Links:

Please be aware of scams, no one from the Rejuve team will DM you first.

An update for StepApp will be provided shortly.


Greetings Singularitarians and Future Supercentenarians,

2023 has been a transformative year for Rejuve.AI. We launched the RJV token and raised over $3.5M, tripled the size of our team, collaborated with major partners like Travala, participated in key events such as Longevity Summit Dublin and a strong presence at International Longevity Summit in South Africa and made significant progress on our Longevity App, thanks to our dedicated Beta Testing community. Dive into our Q3 update to learn about our journey.

Bridging & Liquidity Issues (Multichain + Step Network) 🤕

Rejuve’s momentum hasn’t slowed, but we’ve faced some challenges, particularly with a bridging protocol called Multichain used during TGE (you can click the link for details on what happened as we’ll spare that here). This unfortunate event in the growing Crypto space resulted in some users having their funds indefinitely trapped in this contract, as well as a significant amount of RJV tokens being inaccessible. Unfortunately, this has also caused liquidity issues on the Step Chain, and the inability to bridge from Step Network to Binance Smart Chain.

The Solution is Here 🥳

In order to solve this issue, get to a new cross chain bridge, and remove this vulnerability risk of ~131M tokens locked in this contract, RejuveAI in collaboration with SingularityDAO will be conducting a migration of the RJV token contract. This solution will consist of progressively burning tokens from the old contract and re-issuing them via a new, identical contract. The total supply will remain the same, and the token migration will be 1:1. This Migration Event will continue through the duration of the vesting period (until March 2025). This event will commence in November 2023. We will communicate the exact date in the coming days.

New Horizons with SingularityDAO’s LayerZero Bridge

The challenges faced with the Multichain Bridge Protocol underscored the importance of robust decentralization in cross-chain bridging solutions. Rising to this challenge, SingularityDAO introduces the LayerZero bridge. This state-of-the-art bridge will enable seamless transitions between popular chains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, with zero risk of an event like the one which occurred at Multichain. Embrace the future with LayerZero!



We will share the new addresses shortly. Please take into consideration that migrations like this attract a lot of scammers. Only use the official links and addresses. When in doubt, only use the links provided here or on our official webpages. RejuveAI and SingularityDAO will NEVER ask you to provide any private keys, seed phrases or anything else that might compromise your wallet.

Private Wallet RJV Holders

If you have RJV tokens in non-custodial wallets (where you possess the private keys), use the Migration Contract (link to be provided closer to the Event) to exchange your old tokens for the new RJV tokens.

Participants on SingularityDAO and DAOMaker Launchpads

Participants in the TGE events on these launchpads will also be required to use the Migration Contract after claiming tokens from the Launchpads. Due to the inherent tamper-free nature of decentralization, we cannot simply amend or stop these contracts. However, we’ll offer a link to the Migration portal with supporting notes for smooth facilitation.

Step Chain Launchpad Participants & RJV-Step Holders

If you took part in the StepLaunch TGE or hold RJV-Step, you’ll be prompted to send your RJV to a designated burn contract, and be airdropped RJV on BSC. The remaining vested tokens from the launchpad will be able to be claimed at StepLaunch on the Binance Smart Chain. The old Step-RJV tokens will no longer be utilized, so we advise burning old RJV to prevent potential scams.

Though we’re ending support for this chain, our partnership isn’t over. Watch out for upcoming health and wellness initiatives! 💪🔥.

Stakers and Liquidity Providers on SingularityDAO

Those who are staking at or providing liquidity at will be required to un-stake and/or remove liquidity, migrate the tokens, then re-stake/re-add liquidity. We thank you for your support and understanding as we make this important change. We understand that this is not a great experience but unfortunately there is not a simpler solution.

Users Stuck on the Multichain Bridge

Users that currently have funds stuck in the Multichain bridge will be compensated via an airdrop of the new RJV tokens. Anyone who tried to migrate between the moment that the bridge went offline and this message will be airdropped the new token in their wallet in the next couple of weeks.

Cardano RJV Holders (Minswap included)

Good news for those holding RJV on the Cardano network: you’re not impacted by this event! 🙌 Just note, the bridge will be briefly offline for about an hour during the event (time and date TBA). Once back, it will link to the new EVM-based token, ensuring smooth operation of the existing bridge.

RJV Holders on Centralized Exchanges

For most exchange-held tokens, no action is needed. But keep in mind, not all platforms listing RJV may support the Migration Event. We always recommend keeping your tokens in a private wallet. Remember: Not your keys, not your crypto.

AGIX Holders’ Airdrop Update:

For our dedicated members in the SingularityNET community awaiting the RJV airdrop for AGIX token holders, rest assured it’s still on the horizon. Given the need for the token migration, along with some necessary preparation for claiming on Cardano, the Airdrop will be on hold for now. Stay tuned for updates!

Closing Remarks

The Rejuve Network has crossed an important milestone of launching a token and amassing over 2000 Beta Testers across Android and iOS platforms, however these are still early days for the project. We recently shared a sneak preview of our newly re-designed Longevity App interface at AI World Fair in Decentraland, and will be unveiling our newly re-designed website ahead of the Cardano Summit in Dubai. I’ll also be speaking on the transformative potential of decentralization, Web3, and AI in the realm of psychedelic medicine and longevity at the prestigious Wonderland conference in Miami! The upcoming months promise exciting advancements as we push forward our mission of AI-driven research, a Web3-based wellness economy, and longevity for all.


Jasmine Smith, CEO (ZollieDollie)


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