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Longevity App Redesign: Inside Look

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Greetings, and happy holidays, future supercentenarians!

As we look forward to 2024, we can't help taking in how ACTION-PACKED 2023 has been for our team.

If you’ve been following our socials, we shared with you some of our grandest moments, making valuable connections in the longevity and Web3 arenas, and participating in prestigious events worldwide, including in the US, UK, South Africa, and UAE. All these adventures paid off tremendously, as they sparked landmark partnerships with market-leading entities, including NOWPayments and NAD Clinic.

And that’s just on the business development side. All the while, our remarkable product team has been working hard (across almost impossible-to-match timezones) to make headway on several projects.

The most important of these projects is the redesign of the Longevity App. And today, we’re ready to give you the scoop!

The TLDR of it? We’ve cooked. Slayed, even. We’ve maximized the insights we received from our thousands of beta testers, and we’re integrating them all into your experience with the new and improved Longevity App. 

Sounds exciting? Well then, let’s dive right into the deets of this spectacular redesign:

A New Look: More Importantly, a New FEEL

In line with industry standards and our unique identity at the intersection of longevity science, AI, and blockchain, we proudly give you the Longevity App’s stunning new look:

The new interface is all about how you feel while navigating the app. Every single visual detail, from the artwork to the icons, is designed not just to dazzle but to give you a thrill while tracking your health and keep you coming back for more. Because that’s what caring for yourself should feel like in the longevity era.  

We want you to stay laser-focused on a future of limitless health possibilities with the Longevity App in your hands.

Slick Onboarding Tutorial

You could be a seasoned health enthusiast with half a dozen wearables at your disposal. No doubt, the Longevity App would then be the cherry on top of your stack. Or, you could be taking your first steps toward being conscious about your health. In this case, the Longevity App would be your favorite companion on this exciting journey.

Either way, we’ve taken the time to perfect your onboarding experience. The onboarding tutorial is one area where we paid extra attention to testers’ feedback. Now all the pieces are in place for every user to enjoy a well-thought-out, easy-to-follow tutorial that guarantees smooth sailing from there in the ocean of the app’s features ⛵.

Massive UX Upgrade

With an expanded UX team on board, the app experience has seen a dramatic transformation.

After you complete your onboarding and explore the redesigned home screen with its shiny new hexagons, you’ll come across the ‘Daily Tasks’. These allow you to incorporate your longevity goals into your day-to-day activities and earn RJV tokens. We’re proud to share that it’s now much easier to follow and track your Daily Tasks with the app redesign.

Next up: Health and Hallmarks! The 'Health' section offers day-to-day feedback and personalized advice for managing your wellness, while the 'Hallmarks of Aging' section provides insights into ten drivers of biological aging. These drivers vary in progression from person to person and, when targeted, can supercharge your health for the long run. Previously, these sections were separate, but not anymore. Now, you can easily swipe between both, giving you unprecedented visibility over your health, both in the moment and on the road ahead.

Finally, we’ve moved the ‘How I Compare’ section to the home screen. So at a glance, you can see how you stack up against other Longevity App users. And not just any users, but those who are in the same age group as you. This way, you can get a realistic and fair comparison of your health status.

Surveys: From Yawn to Yasss!

We brought out our inner wordsmiths and rewrote most of the app’s content. That includes surveys.

We know, we know, surveys are boring 🥱. Especially when they ask you about your health and nutrition. But trust us, they are super important for measuring your health and finding out what you need to do to live longer and better.

Don’t worry, we made the surveys easier to complete. We used simple words and clear questions, so you don’t have to scratch your head or google anything. Additionally, we revamped the User Interface (UI) of the surveys themselves to help you input your answers more quickly. 

Rewards Store Makeover

Okay, the 'Rewards Store' and RJV probably need no introduction. But for anyone unfamiliar, every time you share your health data on the Longevity App, you earn RJV tokens. You can then use them at the ‘Reward Store’ for amazing products, including science-backed supplements, biological age testing kits, telomere tests, and even flights and accommodation.

And, guess what? We’ve rebuilt the ‘Rewards Store’ from scratch to make this unparalleled shopping experience even more extraordinary.

Macros, Micros, & Blood Tests: Beta Features

The Macros and Micros beta feature allows you to track your intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and more. These nutrients are essential for your health and longevity. They influence your metabolism, inflammation, immunity, and more. Blood tests are also crucial, as they reveal your levels of glucose, cholesterol, creatinine, and other biomarkers that also affect your health and longevity. 

By uploading your Macros, Micros, and Blood Tests, our AI can provide you with more personalized and precise insights on optimizing your diet and lifestyle. The layouts for both of these beta features have also been updated so you can enjoy a simpler experience.

Right now, only Apple Health users can sync Macros and Micros and Blood Test data from popular trackers with the Longevity App. However, our team is working diligently to eliminate this extra step, ensuring a more accessible experience for everyone. Stay tuned for some exciting updates on that coming your way very soon! 

Streamlined Feedback System

We'll always want to hear from you. Your feedback helps us make the Longevity App better and better. And we’ve made it even easier for you to share your thoughts with us. 

Previously, the app had two systems for feedback. One of them was less efficient as it went to an email list so the reports took more time to resolve. Accordingly, we've eliminated that system completely and are instead focusing on the much more efficient one where all you have to do is take a screenshot or shake your phone to report a bug.

We're giving you clearer instructions on how to activate this system. Once you activate it, the app will automatically report any bugs to our third-party reporting tool. This also shares all the details about how you arrived at the bugs so our developers can squash them more quickly.

Phasing in the New Design

Now we certainly don't want to keep you waiting to experience all these updates! So, we're excited to share that you, our beta users, will be the first to get your hands on the new Longevity App. Keep an eye out for the update on Testflight for iOS users or Google Play for Android and click Update! You'll find a few inaccessible areas, as we're still in the process of updating the design. So please report only the bugs that you come across on the new screens.

Just a Few More Items to Check off Before Launch

👉 Implementation and testing of new screens. 

👉 Chasing bugs on existing screens one by one until all known reported issues are resolved (with room for users to suggest further non-bug-related enhancements).

👉 Solving an issue with changing and retrieving passwords.

👉 Re-introduction of the Rewards Table.

  • While claiming won't be available initially, we're keeping the tabulation visible for transparency and easy reference when claiming becomes possible.

👉 Perfecting Bayes Expert V2

  • We're integrating hundreds of new interconnections between data types to give you sharper, more comprehensive insights than ever before.

  • We’re rewriting the content of the Bayes Expert insights to be more actionable with better explanations of technical terms.

  • We’re better clarifying the logistics of how and why certain messages are displayed.

👉 Upgrading the Biological Age Calculator.

  • The Biological Age calculator will be better optimized/normalized to the Bayes Expert model data, resulting in more accurate and less wildly fluctuating numbers.

👉 Optimizing infrastructure to reduce the propensity of AI time-outs. Backend progress on this is over 80%.

👉 Fixing a few residual issues with wearables syncing and graph generation.

👉 Introduction of new graphs for Mindfulness and Oxygenation.

Why Can’t We Announce a Release Date (Yet)?

As our team works round the clock fixing the known bugs, others arise that are mission-critical. These encompass anything that disrupts sign-up or account creation, connections with supported wearables, the generation of insights and biological age (ensuring both stability and accuracy), reliable saving and storing of data, and the accurate tabulation of rewards. 

So, there are these potential issues as well as those that we already know but can take us longer than desired to get to their root causes. We're working diligently to ensure a smooth experience across these key areas.

As always, we will keep you posted on all upcoming progress, as we get closer to sharing a concrete release date. Rest assured, we're as excited as you are about getting the build to a confident level for submission to app stores for review and getting the Longevity App in the hands of the masses! 

In the meantime, stay tuned for the release of our Q4 update to learn more about all our achievements at Rejuve.AI this quarter beyond the app as well!


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