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Rejuve.AI’s Community Round Completed in 72 seconds!

**IMPORTANT**: The RJV token has been migrated to new, identical contracts on Ethereum and BsC networks, support for Step network has been discountinued.

Please see this post for updated contract addresses:

Visit to migrate your old RJV.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Yesterday we successfully completed the Community Round of the Token Generation Event for the RJV Token — an event we have been anticipating and planning for some time. Thanks to SingularityDAO, SingularityNET, and Hedge teams and with support of our community and all the volunteers, we were able to come to this point today. This is just the beginning on our road to decentralize longevity research for all, leading to a world where extended health and longevity is the rule rather than the exception.

Today, March 16th 2023, marks the date of the Rejuve RJV Utility Token Generation Event. We’ll provide an overview of the community round first, then give details on the TGE.

Please be aware of scammers — there are many active scammers around trying to abuse the TGE event with fake tokens. The official token contract addresses are shared further down in this article. Please do not be fooled by fake tokens!

Community Round Summary

The community round took place on the SingularityDAO launchpad, on March 13th 12:00 UTC to March 14th 23:59 UTC 2023.

Total Contributed — $ 900.000 KYC Applications — 1453 accepted, 5072 applications Total Contributors SDAO Launchpad — 886 (see tier filling statistics in the section below)

Alongside a guaranteed allocation round based on tiers for the SingularityNET Ecosystem Community, a First Come, First Served round was held for anyone who passed KYC, this was completed in 6 blocks or 72 seconds!

AGIX & SDAO Tier Filling Statistics

AGIX-S participants: 147 AGIX-A participants: 55 AGIX-B participants: 61 AGIX-C participants: 62 AGIX-D participants: 108

SDAO-S participants: 122 SDAO-A participants: 95 SDAO-B participants: 117 SDAO-C participants: 143 SDAO-D participants: 213

FCFS participants: 94

Total unique participants: 886

DAOMaker & Step App Launchpads

See the respective project pages on StepLaunch and DAOMaker.

Further TGE Details

The Token Generation Event (TGE) takes place on March 16th, 12 UTC. At this time, launchpad participants will be able to claim their tokens. Please note that before that time there are no RJV tokens available, stay safe and don’t get scammed for fake tokens. It’s expected that dex pools will open up right after TGE on all supported chains, please verify the token contract addresses.

After claiming you’ll need to add the token as a custom token to your wallet. For example, here is a tutorial for metamask. You should be able to find tutorials like these for whichever wallet you are using.

Contract Addresses

Token Contract Address Ethereum: 0x02c3296C6eb50249f290AE596F2bE9454bFfadaB

ADA policy ID: 8cfd6893f5f6c1cc954cec1a0a1460841b74da6e7803820dde62bb78

Token Contract Address BSC: 0x1135883a1bc6776bf90c97845adc491922106dfb

Token Contract Address StepChain: 0x264c1383EA520f73dd837F915ef3a732e204a493

Symbol: RJV Decimals: 6

Supported chains and their initial supply:

  1. 647,916,667 RJV-ETH tokens (64.79% of the total supply) on Ethereum which includes: 105,000,000 RJV-BNB tokens (Bridged from Ethereum via MultiChain) 41,672,000 RJV-STEP tokens (Bridged from Ethereum via MultiChain)

2. 352,083,333 RJV-ADA tokens (35.21% of the total supply) on Cardano

What’s Next?

We thank everyone for supporting our project and subscribing to the vision of decentralizing longevity research for a longer life for all, powered by the path towards beneficial decentralized Artificial General Intelligence. We realize that some community members were not able to get in, but rest be assured that there will be more opportunities to be part of the RJV token holding community in the future, through our longevity app, future pools, and of course the upcoming airdrop for AGIX Holders.

Furthermore, we will provide a staking pool on SingularityDAO, immediately at the time of unlocking the first batches of vesting. Visit the unbonded vaults page here.

Please find in the image below the Distribution Round Details for your reference.

The cliff period means there will be no unlocks, but the accumulated 10% of that period unlocks after the cliff. After that daily unlocks take place, these will accumulate and are available to claim at will.

⚠️ Safety Warning ⚠️

Neither Rejuve.AI, SingularityNET, SingularityDAO nor any project in our Ecosystem will EVER ask you for tokens, wallet keys, or to connect your wallet to any strange website. Scammers can impersonate the project/admins/team members, NEVER perform these actions even if it is requested of you by someone that has our name and/or likeness. Always verify in the public channels!

Closing Remarks

After an amazing journey and lots of hard work from our team, we are super excited to be formally emerging into the world with our utility token, RJV, and beginning the journey to super longevity. We thank you, our loyal community for your continued support throughout, from the inception of the concept that became Rejuve, up through to this big moment. We look forward to the exciting future ahead!


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