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AMA with Rejuve.AI CEO Jasmine Smith: Presented by StealthEX

Updated: Feb 13

Our CEO, Jasmine Smith, just had the pleasure of being invited to an amazing AMA presented by StealthEX!

The session was a resounding success that saw the coming together of two vibrant communities with a shared vision of the future. We were overjoyed by the excellent questions and the enthusiastic vibes of the hundreds of participants in attendance.

So much so that we've decided to take the conversation to our blog and share with you some of the AMA's highlights in case you missed it. Read Jasmine's answers to fantastic questions about the Longevity App, digital health, AI, crypto, and so much more below:


Q: Could you provide more details on how Rejuve's AI framework works, especially in crafting intricate models of bodily functions and utilizing neural nets, Bayesian nets, simulations, and OpenCog Hyperon?

Jasmine: Certainly! To begin, Rejuve.AI is a decentralized network for longevity research. Rejuve.AI utilizes multiple AI frameworks together to accomplish the goals of generating personalized insights & recommendations, gaining novel insights into the aging process, and simulating biological systems.

The first edition of our Longevity App will feature two AI components:

1) A Bayesian Network, which we have called Bayes Expert, composed of hundreds of rules and nodes derived from statistical inferences from meta-analyses (statistical combinations of the results of multiple studies addressing similar research questions), which is one of the top approaches for scientific research validation. Bayes Expert contains statistics on the many biomarkers featured in the App related to chronic disease, exercise, diet and gut health, mental health, and even wearables signals. Bayes Expert gives a baseline statistical analysis of an individual’s current state of health lending to general recommendations for boosting longevity.

2) An Age Estimator, based on a Variational AutoEncoder (VAE). VAE is a technique which allows for better estimation of “missing” variables, and was originally used for filling in images, then evolved to being used for data. In the Longevity App, the VAE helps to normalize results for values that a user may not have, such as blood tests, to arrive at a more accurate estimation of Biological Age. 

But this is only the beginning. In order to arrive at truly personalized, precision insights, Rejuve will layer on more AI systems to the framework. These include a LongevityLLM, transformer neural networks, and what we have coined the Generative Cooperative Network (GCN). The GCN will allow the combination of various generative AI models (ours plus others contributed by the community of science) to create dynamic simulations of biological processes. And it doesn’t stop there – enhancing our firepower even more, we are also collaborating with our parent company SingularityNET utilizing OpenCog Hyperon, a revolutionary, multi-disciplinary open-source framework. This framework utilizes neurosymbolic AI techniques to achieve self-improvement, leading to AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). 


Q: Can you elaborate on the earning potential associated with accumulating RJV tokens through the Longevity App? How do these tokens translate into exclusive discounts on various services and benefits?

Jasmine: RJV tokens are earned in the App by completing health profiles and surveys, syncing up wearable health trackers, and in the future, participating in studies and trials. RJV is not just a reward token for contributing health data, but also the lifeblood of a decentralized health and wellness economy. RJV will be used in our in-App Rewards Store in exchange for exclusive discounts on health-enhancing products and services such as genome sequencing, telomere testing, science-backed supplements, wearables, biological age tests, and more. RJV can even be used to purchase flights, accommodations, and retreats via, and will also be used in the App for AI-driven reports and personalized longevity plans.  

Additionally, data-contributing members will receive what is called a Data NFT, which tracks contributions to our Data Commons over time, associating the contribution to any future products or therapies via the blockchain. Through this mechanism, individual contributions can be permanently linked to the proceeds of products made as a result of your data!


Q: Are there certain incentives for clinical data researchers on Rejuve.AI? How does your collaboration with researchers and data enthusiasts help in fostering health metrics and in combating aging? Do you offer certain rewards for top medical researchers on 

Jasmine: Rejuve.AI aims to build a network of longevity enthusiasts in various sectors, including researchers and scientists. We are always open to collaboration with individual researchers or entities to initiate studies and/or validate findings. Tech-savvy researchers will also be able to contribute their algorithms via our Generative Cooperative Network. In the nearer term, Rejuve will be launching a community Ambassador Program, with a division focused on clinicians and researchers to become empowered members of the network sharing their expertise, earning RJV as well as opportunities to participate in exciting initiatives.


Q: What is the role of AI in Rejuve's mission to extend healthy human life? & What scientific breakthroughs or advancements has Rejuve AI achieved so far in the field of life extension?

Jasmine: As mentioned earlier, AI plays a critical role in both helping app users enhance their personal longevity journey and uncovering new or hidden patterns that affect the aging process to varying degrees. The more we can prolong healthy life now, the faster we can achieve Longevity Escape Velocity, making it more likely to be around when revolutionary therapies emerge that can extend the human lifespan beyond the 120-odd years that it has remained at for millennia. 

While the Longevity App is still in Beta with data only being used to ensure the proper functioning of the algorithms and optimal user experience ahead of launch, our sister company Rejuve.Bio has achieved some promising results in slowing and mitigating the effect of Alzheimer’s Disease. Rejuve.Bio focuses specifically on therapeutics development, holding a license to the world’s longest-living Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies (coined “Methuselah flies). Rejuve.Bio is a key player in the ecosystem, ensuring that any developed therapeutics are first and foremost available to Rejuve Network members (i.e. RJV token holders) at significantly reduced rates. This benefit is further enhanced for those members whose data directly contributed to the research studies (i.e. Data NFT holders who elected to share data with Rejuve.Bio).


Q: Beyond earning RJV tokens, how can users effectively utilize these tokens within the app's ecosystem? Could you detail the various transactions or activities for which RJV tokens can be employed, and how these contribute to an enhanced and personalized user experience?

Jasmine: As highlighted above, the true aim of the RJV token is to be the Web 3.0 token for the Longevity industry. There are several ways inside the App that RJV will be utilized, including redeeming special individual discount vouchers for select unique products such as telomere length tests, Garmin smartwatches, biological age tests, and more as our catalog continues to expand.Some retailers and clinicians may elect to accept RJV as a payment method in full (still including discounted rates). Via our recently announced partnership with NOWPayments, traditional businesses can easily onboard to accept RJV as a payment method, enabling greater access to products and services that may have otherwise been unattainable for a great number of people. Rejuve.AI may also offer our own product lines or those offered by Rejuve.Bio.

RJV will also be utilized in the App to obtain greater AI-driven insights, such as personalized meal plans, exercise plans, in-depth reports, and additional runs of the Age Estimator above certain thresholds. Finally, the token can be used for governance as the network grows and expands, including on issues such as management of the Data Rewards treasury, the Ambassador Program, and other network mechanics.


Q: Could you highlight any upcoming developments or features that users can anticipate in the next phases of the Longevity App redesign?

Jasmine: If you were around during the initial release of the Longevity App Beta, you will notice that it has had a major facelift! This also includes enhancements to the overall user experience and ease of navigation of the App. Weekly development updates are shared on our Telegram Channel, and you can read more about the items we’re currently working on in the re-design blog post here. The feature set remains as planned, with a large roadmap of new features to come after the initial launch!


Q: How does the Rejuve mobile app, Longevity, serve as a primary data collection tool for network members and partners? What types of personal health data can users input into the app, and how is this data utilized for research purposes?

Jasmine: The Longevity App is a personal mobile health tracking tool, enabling network members to log their data for their own records and to bolster their longevity journeys. In the first edition of the App, users can enter: 

  • 2 health profiles (Biometrics + Preconditions)- 9 general health surveys (Demographics, Mobility, General Medical History, Physical, Diet & Gut Health, Lifestyle Factors, Mental Health, Toxin Exposure)

  • 13 lab tests (CBC, Coagulation Profile, BMP, LFT, Vitamins & Minerals, Iron & Hematinics, Lipid Profile, Glucose Metabolism, Inflammatory Markers & Cytokines, Hormone Level Tests, Trace Elements, Cellular Enzymes, Toxins & Heavy Metals), with option to create a custom report in case the given templates are not quite suitable to your test results

  • Wearables data from 4 different devices (Apple Health, Garmin, Oura Ring, Fitbit)

  • Over 40 Macro and Micronutrients

  • 4 general daily health metrics surveys (Nutrition, Vitality, Activity, Sleep)

In upcoming future editions, genome & DNA methylation data will also be incorporated, along with (but not limited to) more exotic data types such as glycanome, telomere length, EEG, and fMRI. This data will be used to create better and better chronological and biological age prediction algorithms, which lead to better population level and personalized insights. As this body of data grows, it may also have implications in drug development. If outside entities are interested in utilizing Network members’ data for their own research, members can choose which initiatives to participate in via their Data NFT (dNFT).


Q: What is the purpose and significance of the Data NFT (Rejuve ID) within the Rejuve ecosystem? How does it ensure accurate tracking and attribution of data contributions by individual users or entities?

Jasmine: The Data NFT (dNFT) is one of the most exciting features of the Rejuve Network. It identifies membership into the research program and enables members to earn rewards on their data. 

While all holders of RJV tokens are network members, not all are data contributors. Individuals may choose to use the Longevity App for purely personal purposes and elect not to have data included in further research, or even choose only to use the in-App Rewards Store with their held RJV tokens and not be personally identified beyond what is needed for account creation. 

But to appreciate the full benefits of network membership, users can register for a Data NFT, which is a unique token that is connected to their data (or AI) contributions via hashes. The dNFT also acts as an access key to a users’ dashboard to initiate permissions on data usage, defining which research initiatives they would like to take part in. This token will also track the usage of their data in new products, along with a weighted AI-driven calculation of impact on the product, leading to a calculation of RJV token rewards to be distributed from the proceeds of the product. dNFT holders will also receive the greatest discounts, be part of special voting events, and other benefits in the App. The dNFT presents a new way to fairly track individual contribution to products and services, putting ownership more into the hands of the people rather than only the mega companies who typically profit 100% off of the data being provided by often unsuspecting contributors. 


Q: Due to research, the global longevity and anti-senescence therapy market size is projected to reach $44.2 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 6.1% from 2021 to 2030. I wonder about your opinion and therefore my question is how easy will it be to integrate blockchain solutions into this area? Any longevity blockchain competitors you guys have? How can NFTs be utilized in this area?

Jasmine: When it comes to blockchain in the area of Longevity, there is an interesting relationship and connection forming, likely because of the shared enthusiasm for futuristic technologies. While traditional healthcare is still a bit skeptical on adoption of blockchain (or more particularly cryptocurrency), the Longevity industry is much more open, for example the pop-up longevity-focused city Vitalia, featuring a week dedicated to Crypto Cities and Economies. While it still may be a poorly understood area in most of the world today, blockchain technology in and of itself provides great opportunities for solving issues in the healthcare sector such as interoperability and data sharing across facilities, fairer resource allocation, and enhanced data privacy and security. NFTs also play a role here for better identity verification and line of production tracking to assure quality.

Therefore, we don’t see others using blockchain and crypto in the longevity and health industries as competitors, but rather as collaborators, and are always very excited to see other Web 3.0 initiatives in the space!


Q: How does Rejuve AI ensure the privacy and security of user data, particularly in light of GDPR and HIPAA compliance requirements?

Jasmine: Rejuve.AI is committed to keeping the highest standards of data privacy and security, including GDPR and HIPAA. In order to assure this, we are collaborating with Drata, a trusted provider of automated compliance software and support. Our database is housed in secure AWS servers. Though we are quite optimistic about decentralized data stores being able to be compliant too!


Q: According to the project's roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?cording to the project's roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?

Jasmine: To answer this question, our highest priority is launching the Longevity App live on Apple and Google Appstores. 

Currently, our app is in Beta with over 2000 testers. The launch of the App will mark a major milestone in achieving our vision of a Web3 based wellness economy.

Next will be to continually enhance the features, and install the key components such as the Data NFT. And install new AI systems that will bring insights to a new level. Stay tuned for the latest updates!


Q: Do you have an AUDIT certificate?

Jasmine: Saw a few mentions here about the token audit, happy to report we do indeed! 😁


Jasmine’s parting words: Thanks again for inviting me! I enjoyed the insightful questions posed and the enthusiasm for the industry :) 

If you would like to follow our progress closer, you can join:

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Always watch out for scams!


So there you have it, folks! We hope you enjoyed these questions from Jasmine's AMA as much as we did. And, please, do watch out for scams 📣


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