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Rejuve: The Decentralized AI-Powered Longevity Research Network

Another Year, Another Step Closer to the Singularity

While 2021 has been a tumultuous year for the world in many ways, the SingularityNET ecosystem has made strong progress this year, propelling us closer to the goal of a positive, beneficial-to-all, technological Singularity. Our amazing and supportive community voted in the Phase II Proposal early in the year, setting the course for the hard fork of the AGI token to AGIX in preparation for the ERC-20 converter and migration to the Cardano blockchain. Our spin-off projects have begun to take root and become independent, with SingularityDAO, the premier AI meets DeFi project, successfully launched, and NuNet, our decentralized computing project, in Private Alpha and gearing up for the launch of their native token.

Next in line is Rejuve — the focus of this blog post. Rejuve is SingularityNET’s initiative to radically extend healthy human longevity. We have been incubating Rejuve for several years, a product of the 2018 SingularityNET X-Lab Accelerator.

Founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel, Dr. Dominic Man-Kit Lam, and David Lake, Rejuve is a community-driven, decentralized initiative to put health data ownership back into the hands of those who generate it, and use innovative AI algorithms to search that data for breakthrough discoveries in longevity science that are accessible and affordable to all, starting with the data contributors.

Starting in late 2019, the world was shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, once again re-shaping the way we think about health care, highlighting the needs for a better system and a healthier population. During this time, Rejuve temporarily shifted gears, focusing efforts on fighting the pandemic with AI. Unfortunately, thus far AI/blockchain technology has not been successfully applied to this space (see Dr. Ben Goertzel’s analysis on the failures to apply this tech to COVID-19 and how we can improve). However, this did lead to some good research, see our post ‘Agent-Based Modeling Suggests We Can Modulate COVID-19 Spread’ (Part One, Part Two), and while the Rejuve Covid Signals app was never released due to the stringent rules of Apple Appstore and Google Play (rules regarding any published apps dealing with Covid-19), we did develop a Cough Detector, which will be released on the SingularityNET AI Marketplace to be leveraged by other applications. We may open source Covid Signals or create a web version, though most usefully of all, much of the backend for this app was able to be repurposed for the building of the flagship app of Rejuve, the Longevity app (to be named), which we will get into a little more in this post.

This blog will explain the premise of the Rejuve project; what has been happening, where we are, and where we are going; We will cover the general organizational structure of Rejuve, the token, how it connects to SingularityNET, the MVP version of the Longevity app, and what to look for in both the near-term and farther future.

Rejuve Token Economy: A Novel Solution to Data Ownership

Like many of our other spin-off initiatives, Rejuve utilizes blockchain, (cross chain beginning on Ethereum, swappable to Cardano when available), and has a native token asset, the Rejuve Token. The Rejuve token is the primary method of transaction in the Rejuve ecosystem. Rejuve tokens will also be used for governance voting on subjects such as those mentioned above. In the beginning, this will be a simple mechanism such as the one utilized by AGIX votes, but can become more complex and structured over time, similar to SingularityDAO.

Rejuve tokens are obtained primarily by contributing data to the Rejuve Data Commons. Rejuve Data Commons is the HIPAA and GDPR compliant database Rejuve will build and manage, and will be the centerpiece for our cutting edge longevity research. Data contributions will mainly be through the Longevity app, via actions such as answering surveys, maintaining profiles, connecting wearable devices, submitting lab test values, and participating in studies, clinical trials, and data gathering events. Larger organizations such as longevity clinics can also provide/transact for data off-app, and eventually through a web extension tailored to medical professionals and businesses.

Another way to obtain Rejuve tokens is via airdrops. As many of you are aware, AGIX holders will receive 5% of the token supply of all SingularityNET spin-offs per the Phase II Whitepaper. Note that every project will operate slightly differently in regards to these distributions; more details on the Rejuve airdrop will come in later blog posts when the time is nearer.

The final way to earn Rejuve tokens is through our aforementioned novel technology solution, Product & Data NFTs. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are a crypto sensation, being used for ownership of artwork & music, virtual trading cards, metaverse gaming (they will play a big role in our upcoming project SophiaDAO), and more. In the Rejuve project, NFTs will be used in quite a different way, not to represent art or digital items but to maintain a record of an individual’s or entity’s data contribution from the time a possible product is conceived of, to its establishment, and through to every sale of the product that is made, throughout the lifetime of the product and the data owner. This establishes forever ownership of the product of their labor; the benefits coming in the form of Rejuve tokens.

Product NFTs will be generated at the time an idea for a product is proposed. This NFT can be sold to Entrepreneurs, any outside parties interested in the future value of the particular product and the data contributed therein. Entrepreneurs who believe in the potential of the product can purchase a portion of the ownership via NFT sharding, however the new owners will only ever be able to obtain partial rights to the product; as our design dictates that 50% of the ownership forever remains with the original data contributor. This has groundbreaking implications for not only health data sovereignty but intellectual property and other non-fungible data ownership in general, even to the degree of passing down data royalties to future generations, creating a new form of generational wealth.

The second component of this revolutionary tokenomic architecture is the Data NFT, or Rejuve DiD. The Rejuve DiD (Decentralized identity) is another non-fungible token which is assigned to every data-contributing member of the Rejuve Network (both individuals and companies/organizations such as labs). This “token” is generated upon creation of a Rejuve DiD, and cannot be bought or sold. Its sole purpose is to keep track of permissions to use data and to confirm that permission has been granted for particular data to be used in particular products. This creates a lock and key mechanism, where the Data NFT/Rejuve DiD is the key that unlocks permissions and access to data, establishing proof of ownership, a record of transfer, and assuring that the transacted Rejuve tokens arrive without fail to the data owner.

This is only a brief overview of a monumental innovation whose social impact has the power to transform the realm of data & intellectual property ownership as we know it! We will provide a deeper dive into Rejuve tokenomics in a future blogpost by the architect and mastermind of this design, Dr. Deborah Duong!

Rejuve AI and SingularityNET

Rejuve’s AI framework is a novel combination of sophisticated AI elements, operating based on three key principles: Synergistic Data Integration — the ability to effectively integrate patterns found in multiple types of relevant data, Causation — Rejuve prioritizes understanding causation rather than just correlation as is common in the field of medicine today; and Decentralization — Using consensus/wisdom of the crowd to arrive at conclusions by meaningfully combining models from diverse researchers and sources. To achieve these goals, our AI framework consists of three main components; a highly customized Bayesian Net, a Deep Neural Embedding Framework, and the OpenCog AGI engine.

The Rejuve Bayesian Net is built upon data directly from scientific papers (systematic reviews & meta analyses) and is able to fold in data from wearables (anomalies) into a probabilistic rule framework, giving way to a more holistic view than any of the individual data components alone.

Rejuve’s Deep Neural Embedding Framework is made up of pre-trained neural networks in which inputs are a set of biomarkers and outputs are predictions of chronological age. This framework utilizes a wide variety of VAE’s (Variational autoencoders) to create vectors, which are then combined by a Generative Cooperative Network (GCN) a Rejuve AI solution which finds novel ways to combine data and models for our VAE/transformer neural network by using coevolution, similar to the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), except in the way that it uses not only competitive coevolution but also cooperative coevolution.

The OpenCog AGI Engine incorporates probabilistic evolutionary learning, probabilistic logical inference (PLN), stochastic pattern mining, and other AI methods, acting together on the ‘Bio-Atomspace’, a hypergraph knowledge store integrating biological knowledge from a variety of databases, ontologies and datasets. Learn more about OpenCog here.

This unique framework allows for pattern identification & refinement and filling in the blanks of missing information via prediction, which allows results to be optimally accurate even in conditions where only a small subset of data is available. The net becomes more and more accurate at predicting unknown variables the more relevant data it is trained on. The ultimate goal of this framework, and what sets it apart from what any other longevity science initiative is doing, is to create a multi-resolutional, dynamic model of the human body (mapped using these multidimensional vectors) that can be used to predict outcomes in both general populations and for specific individuals.

These AI services will be called from the SingularityNET platform using AGIX tokens.

Longevity App

Initially, the Rejuve Longevity app will be the primary tool of data collection for building the Rejuve Data Commons, which in it’s full form will be HIPAA and GDPR compliant. This app will allow users to chart and map their longevity journey while earning tokens that can be redeemed for rewards that contribute to their healthy longevity and general well-being, eliminating some barriers of access to top-of-the-line longevity solutions. Our MVP iteration of the app, due before the end of this year, will allow users to perform various data contribution tasks such as in-depth health and lifestyle surveys (based on NHANES + scientific systematic reviews & meta analyses), connect wearable devices (Apple Watch, Apple Health, and Fitbit), and submit lab test results.

Providing this information will yield Biological Age, Insights and Health Recommendations.

Biological age is a measure of the relative aging of your body tissues and systems vs your actual chronological age. There are many types of biological age calculators out there, ranging from quick five-minute longevity calculators that ask a few simple questions, to blood age calculators, up to the sophisticated Epigenetic Clock model which uses DNA Methylation as a measure. The MVP version of the Rejuve longevity app will use seven survey modules, blood lab results, and data from wearables to arrive at the biological age value, with DNA results to be added in a near-future version. Naturally, the more data you input, the more accurate this assessment becomes.

The next output your health data generates in the app is personalized insights and recommendations. In our app, these are based upon the nine Hallmarks of Aging– genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, loss of proteostasis, deregulated nutrient sensing, mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion, and altered intercellular communication — originating from a keystone paper published in 2013 by López-Otín, Blasco, Partridge, Serrano and Kroemer, with an additional long-proposed 10th hallmark, extracellular matrix crosslinking, most recently corroborated by researchers Alexander Fedintsev and Alexey Moskalev in 2020. The Rejuve longevity app uses these hallmarks to classify the insights it calculates from inputted data, displaying to the user exactly how particular factors may impact each hallmark (positively or negatively). The health recommendations section, classified by factors such as Sleep Hygiene and Diet, informs users of what they can do to improve their hallmarks, and thus their biological age, including some recommendations for well-researched supplements (this function to be expanded greatly in upcoming post-MVP iterations of the app).

Some other features of our MVP version of the Longevity app will be ‘How I Compare’, which shows how you rank compared with other Rejuve users, and the Longevity Newsfeed, which will display the latest news about longevity science, first connected to the Rejuve blog, then eventually directly to the Mindplex Longevity newsfeed.

Organizational Structure

To most effectively achieve its goals, Rejuve’s organizational structure involves two modules, Rejuve Network which coordinates members and their data and tokens, and Rejuve Tech which focuses on the AI R&D, including the Longevity App and its underlying Bayesian & Deep Neural Net AI (which will run on the SingularityNET marketplace).

Rejuve will liaise with outside entities such as clinics, laboratories, supplement providers, and pharmaceutical companies in order to achieve the goals and objectives set forth, and will work together with Rejuve Tech to build the technical infrastructure required.

Proceeds generated from products and services created using Rejuve Network member data will be in substantial part used for the benefit of Rejuve Network members, e.g. in the form of discounts on products (such as supplements and voluntary medical tests), services (such as advanced longevity treatments offered by select clinics), and any other new therapies or treatments yielded as a result of our research, redeemable in exchange for Rejuve tokens.

Simply holding Rejuve tokens makes one eligible for membership benefits. However, data-contributing members will be entitled to additional benefits, tracking back to their individual weighted contributions. We will do this through the use of a novel data sovereignty solution utilizing NFTs.

Rejuve’s Road to Longevity

The Longevity app will be under intensive development, with testing in both Apple and Android environments currently ongoing. We aim to release this MVP and launch the Rejuve token via the SingularityDAO Launchpad before 2021 is through.

In Q1 2022 we will launch our HIPAA and GDPR compliant longevity research database, Rejuve Data Commons. Throughout the year we will continue to release updates to the Longevity app, adding upgraded AI trained on more datasets, the ability to upload and receive insights and recommendations on DNA data, medical test recommendations, integration of a larger range of supplements in recommendations/insights, and support for more wearable types. In the near-term we will also be further developing our governance structure, and holding our first voting events. Last but not least, we anticipate the launch of our novel data sovereignty solution, Data and Product NFTs!

The future will see the Rejuve Data Commons growing in size and value, with our AI getting smarter and smarter, providing better and better recommendations and insights. We aim to provide personalized longevity plans with more detail than is available with the app alone (purchasable with Rejuve tokens). We also plan to offer a larger suite of benefits and purchasables for our Rejuve Network members, working toward our commitment to affordable longevity for all. Other long term goals are launching studies & clinical trials, conducting more research, and publishing exciting finds and revelations in the emerging field of longevity science!

A New Chapter Begins

Rejuve is only a young project at this time, gearing up for an MVP and token launch. We have a clear roadmap to keep us youthful for many years, and will soon release a whitepaper and a new website. We also have some exciting team announcements due shortly, so stay tuned!


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