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Rejuve.AI Roadmap: 2023 Outlook

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Rejuve.AI recently launched its official token RJV. But what is next in the pipeline? We are thrilled to share exciting updates on our Longevity App Beta and our plans for the future. We are proud to have onboarded close to 1500 users from 60 countries around the world, who have provided valuable feedback to help us provide the best user experience. The App received stellar reception, with users from all walks of life sharing their valuable feedback, including many in medical professions. In our recent comprehensive development update, we shared our plans for completion and release on public app stores. We are still on track to release the Longevity App in Q2, which will include a large-scale update of Bayes Expert, the underlying AI system in the App which calculates approximate Biological Age and provides health insights centered around the Hallmarks of Aging. This update will provide more accurate results with 200+ new questions and over 400 new connections and relationships between variables, along with UX enhancements to make it easier for users to understand their Insights.

*We recently opened up spots in the Beta to 300 (or more) new testers, and we encourage you to reserve your spot now!

But what is next after the App is released?

After the official launch, Longevity will continue to be maintained and updated based on market demands and user feedback. Our development plans are divided into three key phases, which we aim to complete before the end of 2023. We will describe these phases below.

Phase I: Release of the App on Apple Appstore and Google Play Store

Phase I will see the initial release of the App on Apple Appstore and Google Playstore, available in all countries barring any legal restrictions. This edition of Longevity will be equipped with the latest version of Bayes Expert (described above). It also includes 7 general health surveys, 4 lab reports, 2 Health Profiles, 4 daily health modules, the ability to connect multiple wearable devices, all calculated to receive a Biological Age estimation and health insights based on the Hallmarks of Aging, and see how you compare to other similar Longevity App users. For select tasks, users will see amounts of RJV tokens they can earn for data contribution. However, in the earliest version of the App, these tokens will be locked, similar to the current instance of the Beta. Also similarly, there will be no wallet connection functions yet installed. The in-app Rewards Store will feature special offers by our partners, available to all who download the App for a limited time.

Phase II - Spending RJV in the In-App Rewards Store

In order for tokenomic functions to operate in the App, the new RJV smart contract must be connected to the App architecture. This is accomplished in two phases, 1) Enabling spending of RJV and 2) Enabling claiming for data contribution (which is effectively the beginning of the research database). In this phase, the majority of the special offers listed in the in-app Rewards Store will switch to RJV token only, enabling users to connect their wallets and use their held RJV to redeem unique discount vouchers. Users without RJV can enjoy a limited selection of discount offers, along with the benefit of a curated list of trusted products. The estimated time for completion of this functionality is 3 months, with consideration of rigorous testing on testnet prior to going live on the mainnet, along with support for multiple wallet types on multiple chains.

Phase III - Earning tokens for Data Contribution (Data Commons begins)

The final phase of installing the basic tokenomic architecture in the Longevity App, and kicking off the official research program and building of the Rejuve Network Data Commons, will be enabling users to earn and claim tokens in exchange for contributing their data. This is a very important phase that must be handled with care. Fortunately, lots of prior planning has gone into implementation, meaning the steps to achieve this (barring any emergent issues with wallet connection or sudden legal developments) are known and well understood. In order to become a data contributing network member, Longevity app users will need to:

1: Sign an Informed Consent, which will be available in multiple languages 2: Complete identity verification (lite KYC) to verify that the user is a real person, and ensure that duplicate accounts are not created 3: Initiate the minting of a unique Data NFT*, which will serve as their identity token for the Rejuve Network, and also as a control panel for tracking and granting permission to access data for specified purposes. (Don’t worry-Rejuve.AI mints this NFT for you for free!) *At this time, unfortunately the Data NFT will only be available on the Ethereum/Layer 2 networks, requiring users on Cardano to utilize SingularityNET’s wallet mapping tool to ensure connection between their dNFT and claiming wallet.

Once these steps are complete, you will be an official contributor to the Rejuve Network Data Commons, and be able to regularly submit data in exchange for RJV! Data contributors may also be eligible for additional future benefits such as bigger discounts on select products, higher weighting in particular voting events, discounts on premium subscriptions, and other opportunities.

A word on SingularityNET Marketplace Integration + Airdrop

As an early spin-off of the SingularityNET ecosystem, Rejuve.AI is committed to bringing cutting edge AI services to the Marketplace, promoting the creation of beneficial artificial general intelligence (AGI), and fulfilling the promises of the Phase II proposal. The Bayes Expert system is already connected to the Marketplace backend architecture, and is already generating API calls from the App Beta. In order to make this service truly useful for its target audience, which are researchers and scientists creating AI models, time and care must go into making a sleek, user-friendly front end to drive adoption. As we work to bring this service beyond Rejuve and out to the world, we will in the meantime create a page for this service to show that it is active and explain how it works both in the app and in general, and how it can help in the mission to crowdsource the community of science to discover new findings not only in the field of Longevity but in multiple disciplines.

Also part of the SingularityNET Phase II proposal is incubated spin-off projects allocating 5% of their total supply to AGIX token holders. This has already occurred for our other ecosystem projects SingularityDAO and NuNet, and Rejuve will soon join the ranks. As mentioned, RJV will soon be able to be utilized in our in-app Rewards Store! Stay tuned for announcements regarding specific terms and dates.

Looking ahead…

Along with achieving these exciting milestones, 2023 will also include regular ongoing progress including the filling of key team roles (see our current job offerings here), onboarding new partners (with plans of expanding into the industries of anti-aging skin care, peptides, health & wellness spas, and travel) leading to a wider selection of curated products and services, bigger discounts, and other bonuses and special promotions.

The Longevity app will also continue to see ongoing UX/UI and feature enhancements, staying closely in tune with our community to assess what features are most important and how to improve them. 2023 should also see exciting progress on the AI front, including the installation of our customized Transformer VAE (Variational Autoencoder) which will enable more accurate biological age predictions and better data integration, particularly when certain data is missing or unavailable. We will work to increase the speed and scalability of Bayes Expert to provide better, more personalized insights and deliver them according to the latest discoveries in longevity science. As we further develop and improve the App, we prepare for the introduction of a Premium Subscription tier, which will allow users to take their experience to the next level and gain access to enhanced functionality, personalized longevity reports, special offers, and more! (The Free version will always remain available)

With our app going live, we will begin to do more industry-focused outreach, promoting the App to the scientific and medical communities, biohackers, and longevity enthusiasts at large. Our team will also be attending conferences in the Web3 and health tech spaces, such as Web3 Live London this June, featuring a keynote from our CTO Dr. Deborah Duong, and Cardano Summit in November. We are confident that our plans for the future will position us as a leading company in the AI industry, and we look forward to collaborating with our supporters and partners to achieve our shared goals.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest News

We hope that this update has shed some more light on what is next in store for Rejuve.AI! There is an exciting future ahead, and we look forward to continuing this journey to superlongevity with you.


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