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Rejuve.AI RJV Utility Token Generation Event

We’re excited to announce that the Rejuve Network is launching its Token Generation Event (TGE) through the SingularityDAO Launchpad beginning on March 13th, with KYC opening March 1st! As a cutting-edge blockchain-based platform that combines artificial intelligence and longevity research, Rejuve Network is creating a new era of decentralized healthcare. By joining the RJV community, you can help bring this vision to life and join other like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives. Read on for more information about how to get involved and secure your place in the future of healthcare.

Introducing Rejuve.AI

The revolutionary Rejuve.AI platform uses sophisticated bio-AI and aggregated data from millions of people worldwide to improve human healthspan and lifespan!

Our mobile app Longevity allows users to log their personal health data and receive valuable AI-driven health insights. Your data is securely encrypted, with HIPAA compliance as a near-term goal, and you will always own and be in control of your data and how it is used.

By joining our research program users will receive RJV tokens by submitting health data to our Rejuve Data Commons — the ultimate resource for health-enhancing products and services. Redeem your tokens for discounts on everything from wearable health trackers to epigenetic/biological age tests, science-backed supplements, consultations with physicians, and more! Create your unique Data NFT (dNFT) to become a member of the Rejuve Network and gain access to amazing rewards.

AI scientists and developers can also join the Network by contributing models to our system via the Generative Cooperative Network (GCN) — earning rewards while helping us simulate the human body for new therapies and aging insights.

RJV Token Utility

The RJV token, initially minted on Ethereum and Cardano blockchains, is the membership token of the Rejuve.AI Network. RJV tokens are earned by completing Tasks in the upcoming Longevity mobile app. In the initial phase these tasks include completing health inventories and surveys and connecting wearable health tracker devices, soon to expand to lab test reports. Also on the roadmap is participation in studies and clinical trials.

This token allows you to access science-backed products and services to help enhance your health, and add more data to the app platform.(Blog post coming soon with more details of RJV token utility).


Vesting schedule:

Token Details:

Ticker: RJV Total supply: 1 billion RJV Circulating supply at TGE: 66,833,333 RJV Initial market cap: $1,002,500 Private placement rate: $0.0125 Public rate, community and DEX: $0.015 Fully diluted valuation: $15 million

RJV is designed to be a multi-chain utility token from the start. At the Token Generation Event, Rejuve.AI will mint 1 billion RJV tokens across two blockchains:

647,916,667 RJV-ETH tokens (64.79% of the total supply) on Ethereum 352,083,333 RJV-ADA tokens (35.21% of the total supply) on Cardano

RJV-ETH and RJV-ADA will be convertible on a 1:1 basis keeping the total token supply constant at all times at 1 billion RJV — effectively allowing holders to choose which blockchain they want to use, in the same manner as SingularityNET AGIX & NuNet NTX tokens.

Launchpad Round: How To Participate

For full information about how to participate in the Community Launchpad Event please read this article from SingularityDAO.

Eligibility Tiers Explained While the SingularityDAO Launchpad is available to any worthy project, some priority is given to Artificial Intelligence projects, and of course supporting the SingularityNET Ecosystem. While this new SDAO Tier System will be applied to all launches on the platform, there will be some additional means of participation specifically for Ecosystem Projects through the support of the AGIX token. Users with both SDAO and AGIX tokens ARE ELIGIBLE to participate in both pools simultaneously.

AGIX Staking Tiers (ERC20) S — 40,000 AGIX A — 20,000 AGIX B — 10,000 AGIX C — 5,000 AGIX D — 2,000 AGIX

AGIX Staking Portal — Included ( AGIX Unbonded Pool — Included (A pool will be launched on the SDAO dApp) Liquidity Provision — Not Included Unstaked — Not Included (please see AGIX-ADA section)

SDAO Staking Tiers (ERC20/BEP-20) S — 20,000 SDAO A — 10,000 SDAO B — 5,000 SDAO C — 2,500 SDAO D — 1,000 SDAO

Epoch/Bonded Vaults — Included Unbonded Vaults — Included Liquidity Provision — Not Included Unstaked — Not Included

AGIX-ADA Currently, staking is not available for AGIX-ADA token holders which provides us with an extra challenge in making this token sale available to our valued AGIX-ADA community.

**We are happy to announce that our Cardano wallet linking tool is now functional at! Use this tool if you want your AGIX tokens on Cardano to count for allocations. Please link your Cardano wallet to an Ethereum wallet and enter that Ethereum wallet address during the KYC process. AGIX balances on all linked wallets will be combined for the allocation calculations. The AGIX on Cardano does not have to be staked. However, during the contribution period you’ll have to use the Ethereum wallet for USDT contributions.

More details will be released regarding the status of this solution by Monday, 6th March at the latest, to allow for user action (either KYC participation, or in the event that wallet-link is not ready, bridging AGIX to Ethereum) — mark your calendars for final updates on this situation.

However, do stay tuned as the community will be alerted to the results of this effort at the earliest possible time!!

Timeline Of Events 27th February: Rejuve TGE Announced 1st March 12:00 UTC: KYC Begins 11th March 12:00 UTC: KYC Ends 11th March 12:00 UTC: Snapshots Begin 12th March: Allocations Assigned

Round 1: DAO Participation 13th March 12:00 UTC: Contributions Open 13th+14th March: USDT Contributions To Allocated Pool(s) 14th March 23:59 UTC: Contributions Close

15th March: Unassigned Tokens Allocated to FCFS Pool

Round 2: First Come First Serve 15th March 12:00 UTC: Contributions Open 16th March 09:00 UTC: Contributions Close*

16th March: Snapshots End *Contributions will close early if allocation is filled

16th March 12:00 UTC: Token Claim Opens

Further Participation Details In order to participate, users will be required to complete a KYC/AML process, details of which can be found here below.

Within 48 hours of the KYC ending, and any time up to the completion of the event, snapshots will be taken to ensure that participants are maintaining their SDAO and AGIX balance to maintain eligibility.

Should you require any assistance throughout the KYC or Launchpad event, please use the following ‘Rejuve — KYC Troubleshooting’ Telegram Channel.

Other Official Launchpads

RJV tokens will also be attainable during this token generation event from the following locations:

  1. DAO Maker

Please see their relevant communities to learn more details on how to participate, make sure to always double check your URLs! These are the only other approved locations from which to obtain RJV during the event!

Legal Restrictions

Restricted countries: Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma, Central African Republic, China, Cote D’Ivoire, Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, North Korea, Qatar, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United States of America, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe

⚠️ Safety Warning ⚠️

Neither Rejuve.AI, SingularityNET, SingularityDAO nor any project in our Ecosystem will EVER ask you for tokens, wallet keys, or to connect your wallet to any strange website. Scammers can impersonate the project/admins/team members, NEVER perform these actions even if it is requested of you by someone that has our name and/or likeness. Always verify in the public channels!

Closing Remarks

After an amazing journey and lots of hard work from our team, we are super excited to be formally emerging into the world with our utility token, RJV, and beginning the journey to super longevity. We thank you, our loyal community for your continued support throughout, from the inception of the concept that became Rejuve, up through to this big moment. We look forward to the exciting future ahead!


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