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Rejuve.AI Quarter 3 Recap

As autumn leaves start to fall, we’re excited to wrap up a dynamic Q3 and share some of the vibrant colors from our journey. From noteworthy events to the ever-evolving app development, we’ve woven together progress that signifies progression, adaptability, and our commitment to you.

App Development Makes Leaps 📲

We’ve been diligently refining our app for an optimal user experience. While we’ve shared bits and pieces through various channels, we encourage you to delve into our recent blogs for a comprehensive update.

A big reveal is on the horizon with our app re-design, aiming to create a seamless interface for all our users.

📅 Events: From Dublin to Virtual Roundtables

At the Longevity Summit Dublin, our CEO Jasmine delved into the intricacies of ‘intelligent aging’ during her panel discussion, bringing forward our vision and innovative approach towards a better understanding of the aging process. Our active engagements at both the Longevity Summit Dublin and the International Longevity Summit South Africa allowed us to collaborate with and learn from leading visionaries in the longevity space.

Dive into the insights shared by Jasmine during her panel at the Dublin summit by watching the video below!

Longevity & DeSci Summit NYC

CTO Dr. Deborah Duong at panel

Alongside our sister company, Rejuve Biotech, we embarked on a mission to push the boundaries of longevity. Our CTO, Dr. Deborah Duong, showcased our advancements when she graced the stage at NYC DeSci earlier this summer, sharing her insights and representing our collective passion for the field

AI for Good & Quantum AI

CEO Jasmine Smith with SingularityNet CEO Ben Goertzel

In our continuous pursuit of innovation, we actively participated in a Roundtable focused on Quantum AI, where we discussed the potential intersections of quantum computing and artificial intelligence, and the implications for the future.

Additionally, we made a significant impact at the AI For Good Summit in Geneva, joining forces with the SingularityNet team. There, we showcased our combined vision for harnessing the power of AI to drive positive global change and betterment for humanity.


Our conversations at Desci Rising, Cardano over Coffee and with Big Pey allowed us to discuss longevity’s nuances and our place in the expansive domains of both Web 3 and longevity. Collaborating with our partner Travala on their Discord Channel was another highlight, as we explored intersections of tech and health.

✍ From Blogs to AI Insights

Our articles, especially on Data NFT and the GCN update, have aimed to bridge the gap between intricate tech and its real-world implications.

We’ll continue to shed light on how AI shapes our approach and vision from the creators themselves.

Watch Our Newest Series: Longevity 101 🎥

Embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of longevity with our freshly launched series, “Longevity 101”. This series promises to unravel the intricacies and nuances of a long, healthy life.

Our inaugural episode, titled “What is Longevity?”, serves as the perfect starting point, demystifying the core concepts and introducing you to the exciting world that awaits. Don’t miss out; it’s now live for viewing!

💼 Strengthening Bonds: New Partnerships

We’re excited about our new collaborations with GlycanAge, Peptide Bioregulator,and Marine Healthfoods.

These partnerships symbolize our ambition to broaden our horizons and bring the best to our community.

Use code: REJUV2023 for 10% off Peptide Bioregulator

Use code: REJUVE10 for 10% Marine Foods

Stay tuned for more strategic partnerships in Q4!

A Warm Welcome to New Teammates 🌟

Our teams are expanding! A hearty welcome to our new UX/UI expert, Rajib Talukder Razu, Backend Developer, Naruhito Kaide, and Videographer/Editor Alex Pavaloaia. Their expertise will undoubtedly enhance our growth trajectory!

Join Our Journey 💼

If you’re as passionate about longevity as we are, we’re currently scouting for a Community Manager and another skilled Backend Developer.

Become part of the Rejuve family! Please send your CV to

Navigating Challenges with Optimism 🦾

We understand the concerns and frustrations regarding the breakdown of the multi-chain bridge causing liquidity inconsistencies for Step Chain holders. Good news! After intensive collaboration with Singularity DAO, we’ve strategized a hardfork solution.

It’s a bold step, but one we believe aligns best with our commitment to you. We’re excited about this proactive solution and thank you for your continued trust and support. Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming weeks.

Peek into the Future 🔜

With Q4 on the horizon, we’re brimming with anticipation for our New App Design + Launch. In addition, our website is currently under renovation and we will be relaunching it in a few weeks!

We’re also prepping for the Cardano Summit in Dubai and the Wonderland conference in Miami later this quarter.

Thank you for being on this journey with us, we’re SO excited to be leading into the end of 2023 and the new adventures 2024 will bring!

We’re also prepping for the Cardano Summit in Dubai and the Wonderland conference in Miami later this quarter.

Thank you for being on this journey with us, we’re SO excited to be leading into the end of 2023 and the new adventures 2024 will bring!


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