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Rejuve.AI Q1 ’24 Update 🌎


The start of 2024 has been bustling with energy and progress at Rejuve.AI. We’ve hit the ground running with our 2024 roadmap, launched exciting partnerships that enhance RJV token utility, and made significant strides in app development. As we reflect on the past quarter, it’s clear that our journey towards making longevity accessible to all is well underway. Read on as we explore the highlights of these past months and look forward to even more breakthroughs. 🌟

🗺️ 2024 Roadmap Unveiled


We’re off to an exhilarating start in 2024, launching our comprehensive roadmap that outlines the bold strides we plan to take this year.

Our first milestone? The initiation of our Ambassador Program! 🌟 Join us for a town hall on April 4th at 19:30 UTC to dive deep into how you can play a role in shaping Rejuve.AI’s journey. Don’t miss out on being part of this transformative movement while earning RJV! 📅✨

👉 Save the Town Hall link here

📱Longevity App Update

In Q1, we achieved considerable progress, notably with the launch of our redesigned Longevity App. Sporting a sleek, user-friendly dark theme and improved functionality, the update ensures a better experience for all users. Keep your app updated to the latest versions: iOS 0.1.0 (#140) available on TestFlight and Android #140 on the Google Play Store.

We tackled numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, thanks to beta tester feedback. Key updates include a new Rewards tab for easier token tracking, clearer Hallmarks of Aging and Health ratings, optimized backend for reduced time-outs, and streamlined account management.

Notably, we have decided to implement a new solution for smoother integration and performance of wearable devices, which will allow developers to manage all device connections under one API rather than many. We have successfully completed testing and are now actively implementing the solution.

We introduced a detailed App Launch Checklist to guide our final push towards launch, recently updated to include more granular tasks. Our team grew with the addition of a Backend Developer and a Systems/DevOps Engineer, boosting our capacity for innovation. Upcoming updates include a sophisticated Biological Age Calculator and an enhanced Bayes Expert system.

This quarter set the stage for further AI integration and user experience improvements, paving the way for our upcoming public release. For those keen on following our journey closely, remember we share detailed development updates weekly in our Telegram and Discord channels. If you’re part of our Beta Testing team, make sure to join the exclusive Beta Testers Telegram channel. You’ll find the link in your email invite. It’s your gateway to the latest insights and a chance to contribute directly to our progress.

🌟 RJV Token Utility Soars

Exciting updates for our community! The utility of our RJV token has significantly expanded, marking a new era of accessibility and convenience within the longevity ecosystem. 🌱

We’ve solidified partnerships with industry leaders including GlycanAge, Peptide Bioregulators, and our newest ally, Vita Autentica. Each of these partners now accepts RJV tokens, joining our partner Travala, enabling you to leverage your tokens for a range of cutting-edge health and longevity services. 💊🔬

This leap forward not only enhances the value of RJV but also deepens our commitment to making longevity accessible to all. Read more on our blog and explore what your RJV tokens can unlock today! 🗝️💡

Promo Codes:

GlycanAge: Use code REJUVE10 here for 10% off your purchase.

Peptide Bioregulators: Use code REJUV here for 7.5% off your purchase.

Vita Autentica: Use link for 10% off your next purchase.

🎤 Spotlight on the Stage: Debbie Duong at BGI 2024 🌐


Rejuve.AI’s CTO, Debbie Duong, made waves at BGI 2024, delving into the transformative role of BGI in education, medicine, and science.

Her insightful panel discussion, now available on our YouTube channel, is a must-watch for anyone passionate about the future of technology and longevity. 🌟

👉 Watch here and dive into the discussion!

🧬 Big Moves in the SingularityNET Ecosystem: Rejuve Bio’s Crowdfund Launch


Exciting times ahead as our sister company, Rejuve.Bio, embarks on a groundbreaking journey with the launch of their crowdfunding campaign. 🌱💼

Part of the SingularityNET family, Rejuve.Bio is at the forefront of redefining health and longevity through innovative biotech solutions.

Interested in being part of the future of healthcare? Explore how you can contribute and learn more about Rejuve Bio’s vision at: Netcapital — Rejuve Bio 📈

🎥 New YouTube Series Alert! 🌟


We’ve got a fresh YouTube line-up, bringing you insights, trends, and community highlights from around the globe! 🌍✨

  • BGI 24 — Longevity Insights: We’ve traveled to BGI 24 in Panama to gather thoughts on longevity directly from the pioneers, featuring interviews with luminaries like David Wood and Jose Cordeiro. 🎙️🔍 Watch Here

  • Introducing Healthspan Horizons: Join us for deep dives with leading figures in the longevity arena, discussing the latest trends and their personal journeys towards extending healthspan. Featured guests include LongeviQuest CEO Ben Meyers, and SingularityNET CEO Dr. Ben Goertzel. 🌅💡 Dive In

  • Community Spotlight: Meet the rising stars in our community through exclusive interviews that showcase their contributions and passions within the longevity field. 🌟👥 Explore Now

👉 Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated on the latest in longevity and join the conversation!

🕺 Rejuve.AI Team Expansion!


We’re thrilled to welcome new talents to our backend team, bolstering our capabilities and paving the way for even more groundbreaking developments in longevity technology! 🛠️💡

  • Muhammad Hassan Iqbal steps in as our Senior System/DevOps Engineer, bringing a wealth of experience to enhance our system’s efficiency and reliability.

  • Khushal Chouhan joins as a Backend Developer, ready to contribute his expertise to further refine and advance our app’s functionality.

Together, they’re set to make significant contributions to our mission of extending healthspan for all. Welcome aboard, Hassan and Khushal! 🌟

🌐 Rejuve.AI in the Media Spotlight 🌐

It’s been an exciting quarter for Rejuve.AI, with our innovative approach to longevity and healthspan gaining traction across various prestigious platforms! 🎉 Here’s a quick roundup:

  • Cardano Developer Spotlight: We’re honored to be featured in Cardano’s Developer Spotlight this February, showcasing our groundbreaking work in blockchain and AI for longevity. Read more about our journey and vision here: Cardano Developer Spotlight.

  • Cardano Spot AMA on X: Our engaging AMA session with Cardano Spot on X delved deep into Rejuve.AI’s mission and future plans. Catch the highlights here: AMA with Cardano Spot.

  • Telegram AMA with StealthEX: We answered your burning questions about Rejuve.AI and our roadmap in an informative AMA with StealthEX. Check out the session here: Telegram AMA with StealthEX.

  • AxonDAO DeSci Chat on X: Joined by the vibrant DeSci community, we explored the intersections of decentralization, science, and longevity in a thought-provoking discussion hosted by AxonDAO on X: AxonDAO DeSci Chat.

  • CoinTelegraph Feature: CEO Jasmine Smith and CTO Debbie Duong made headlines in CoinTelegraph, discussing the fusion of AI and longevity, and how boomers are engaging with AI-generated content on Facebook: CoinTelegraph Feature.

Stay connected as we embark on Q2, filled with exciting partnerships and opportunities to further our quest for democratized longevity. Here’s to a future where each stride brings us closer to redefining healthspan and aging! 🌟


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