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What is the RJV Token?

In 2017 the SingularityNET project was first launched. Shortly after, Dr. Ben Goertzel and other great minds seeded the ideas of auxiliary projects to help stimulate the growth and development of a beneficial technological singularity (a hypothetical future point in time at which artificial/machine intelligence exceeds human intelligence and becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization), ignited by artificial general intelligence (AGI). The mission of this effort was to ensure that instead of AGI being used for perpetuating the same societal ills that have plagued us for centuries, instead we seed the “mind” of this technology/entity with the best of what humanity has to offer–instilling values of compassion, creativity, intelligence, empathy and ultimately creating a better world for all of humankind, and all other lifeforms too.

The Rejuve project was one of those seeds planted, which is now bloomed and ready to branch off into its own tree ready to begin bearing fruit of its own–the fruit of accessible health and longevity, not just for the richest and most privileged members of society, but for all who desire this outcome (which essentially includes everyone, whether you are looking just to live til the ripe old age of whenever you have achieved all of your goals, up until as long as this paradigm endures).

There have been many approaches to solving “the aging problem”, with tales of the fountain of youth and immortality going back as far as human civilization itself. At our current time it is easy to see “why AI”, as it helps discover patterns in data not previously explored, but maybe less explored just yet is, “why blockchain”?

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology (most commonly associated with cryptographic tokens, or “crypto”) is a core pillar in a concept known as Web 3.0, or simply Web3, a new iteration of the World Wide Web (WWW) which incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics, transforming the scene in the way of leading to less control by centralized “Big Tech” companies over data, increased data privacy and security, trustless peer-to-peer transactions, and in the case of SingularityNET, greater interoperability and communication between machines and AI systems.

So how does this connect to extending human longevity?

In order to solve the problem of aging, we need data, and lots of it. Health data aggregation is notoriously difficult, with much of it being siloed in places like hospitals, doctor’s offices, or insurance companies for example.

The benefits of a decentralized protocol that collects health data and uses it to create longevity therapies can be significant. Here are some potential benefits:

  1. Personalized medicine: By collecting health data on an individual basis, researchers and healthcare providers can gain a better understanding of each person’s unique health needs. This can lead to personalized medicine, where treatments and therapies are tailored to each person’s specific needs, resulting in better outcomes.

  2. Early detection and prevention: By collecting health data over time, researchers and healthcare providers can identify potential health issues early on and take preventative measures to mitigate or eliminate them. This can help individuals avoid chronic diseases and other health issues before they become serious.

  3. Improved health outcomes: By using health data to create longevity therapies, individuals may experience improved health outcomes, including better physical and cognitive function, increased lifespan, and a reduced risk of chronic disease.

  4. Reduced healthcare costs: By using health data to identify health issues early on and prevent chronic diseases, healthcare costs can be reduced over the long term. This can also lead to a more efficient healthcare system, with fewer resources needed to manage chronic disease.

  5. Advancements in medical research: By collecting and analyzing health data, researchers can gain a better understanding of the underlying causes of disease and aging. This can lead to advancements in medical research, including the development of new therapies and treatments that can extend lifespan and improve health outcomes.

Overall, a protocol that collects health data and uses it to create longevity therapies has the potential to significantly improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs, while also advancing medical research.

Specific Use Cases

So what exactly can you do with the RJV token?

Put simply, the RJV token is the membership token of the Rejuve Network leveraged for in-app reward currency and governance. We’ll explain next how this exactly works.

In-App Reward Currency

The primary use case of the RJV token is an in-app currency used to access health & wellness-enhancing products and services at discounted Rejuve Network Member rates. In the early stages, this begins as discount vouchers offered by our Partners in our in-app Rewards Store, which at this time include:

  • Biological age testing kits (which utilizes DNA methylation/epigenetics, and even telomere length testing),

  • Science-backed supplements (helping you take the guesswork out of selecting the best quality supplements),

  • Whole genome sequencing kits (going beyond the popular genotyping “ancestry” kits which only analyze a small fraction of the genome), and

  • Wearables (smart watches and bands which track your activity, sleep, vitals, and more).

These products benefit users immediately, but also in the long-term by enabling app users to contribute more and more data and have opportunities to participate in future opportunities.

We are actively expanding our product offering to include not only more options for the above listed products, but also new ones such as

  • Nutritional testing/profiles,

  • Allergy testing,

  • Meal planning and meal services,

  • EEG devices,

  • Anti-aging beauty products,

  • Health & wellness retreats/spas, and

  • Consultations with physicians.

The possibilities are endless, and we are always open to suggestions from our community of what they would like to see in the Rejuve Store.

We aim to use this platform as a way to familiarize the Health & Wellness space with blockchain, increasing trust and familiarity, to transition from simple affiliate-like discounts, to larger membership packages and bundles, up through to actually being able to obtain items and services offered in the Store 100% in RJV, furthering the ultimate ambition of Web3 to bridge the gap between crypto and real-world products and services.

Longevity Therapeutics via Rejuve Biotech

Rejuve is driven by two companies: Rejuve.AI and Rejuve Biotech. Rejuve.AI represents the community’s interest and participation in Rejuve’s Data Network, while Rejuve Biotech develops longevity therapeutics based on the community’s data contributions and other data sources and research. Rejuve Biotech has an exclusive license to study the world’s longest living Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies (dubbed ‘Methuselah flies’). Crunching the genomic data of these flies, along with the data of Rejuve Network members (at their discretion) and applying top of the line AI tools from Rejuve and SingularityNET, new hypotheses and potential drug targets can be discovered, leading to new longevity therapies and solutions which can then be offered in the in-App Rewards store!

Advanced Personalized AI-driven Reports (Premium)

Beyond using RJV to redeem in exchange for partner products and those created by Rejuve Network and Rejuve Biotech, another key in-app usage for the tokens are to access Premium personalized longevity reports.

The RejuveAI platform will enable the contribution of various types of data, including surveys, wearables, lab tests, genome sequencing, telomere testing, DNA methylation, glycation, EEG, etc. While the current AI system Bayes Expert, a statistical algorithm is expected to remain free for all Longevity App users, RejuveAI is ongoingly developing more advanced generative solutions for processing multimodal and multi-omic data. These systems will allow for more fine-tuned personalized longevity reports and wellness plans, which will be available at exclusive rates in the App for RJV holders.


A core part of the Web3 initiative, and thus Rejuve Network is to become more and more decentralized. While centralization in some areas is somewhat inevitable (or at least in the current world paradigm) such as international law, we aim to give more governance power to members as the network matures. Along with the main use of the token which is to gain access to the highest quality products to improve your health and extend longevity, the secondary use of the RJV token is to be a decision maker in key topics, issues, and events in the network. Rejuve.AI aims to make education a key pillar in this process, insuring that Network members are not just token holders but also an informed community that is knowledgeable about not only the inner workings of network mechanics, but also the specific aspects such as how data is managed, what metrics are used to determine if an entity is “scientific”/reputable, how exactly token allocations are being

RJV on Cardano

SingularityNET ecosystem has developed a rich partnership with Cardano, the first blockchain to be founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods. Following suit, Rejuve.AI aims to build a connection with Cardano, minting a part of its supply on the Cardano chain, and to allow ADA users to claim RJV-ADA tokens in the app*

*Noting however that this requires another Rejuve.AI ecosystem token, the data NFT (a future blogpost to outline the specifics of this token coming a little later; see the whitepaper for more details), which currently is only modeled on Ethereum. As we work to develop this token on Cardano, available wallet linking tools will be utilized to confirm data contribution/enrollment in the research program via the presence of the NFT, while still being able to redeem and spend tokens in the app directly with their Cardano wallets rather than bridging.

Rejuve Network shares Cardano’s mission to positively impact the world and make Web3 applications more accessible and useful in the real world.


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