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Longevity App Beta: Full!

It has been noted by our awesome and enthusiastic community that the Longevity app Beta is oversubscribed! This means that we now have over 1000 beta testers!

We are truly grateful for this amazing response, not only for downloading and testing, but for your tremendously helpful and positive feedback on our application.

So the big question is: Will more slots open up??

The Longevity app Beta was released in July 2022 as a special opportunity for our early community to not only test but iterate on the development and functionality of the app. Now that we have announced the TGE for the RJV token, we have had an influx of new beta testers (which we are truly thrilled to see), however, newer community members are getting confused as to what the purpose of the Beta is, and what it does/does not do.

The current installation of Longevity is a simulation of the final iteration, which is expected to launch at the end of Q1 or early Q2. The Beta does NOT offer real RJV tokens, data is NOT being used for any live longevity research, and all data shared in the beta will be deleted at the end of the beta testing period (we will retain basic information such as emails, bug reports, and feedback in order to validate for any Beta Tester rewards, but no health data).

Now that we are near completion and have properly installed mechanisms for users to submit feedback on the app going forward, and to avoid any further confusion, we will begin the process of closing the Beta at this time. Further subscription to the Beta will be reserved for potential partners and/or collaborators by special request. Anyone that currently has access will keep it until the Live version is ready/the data wipe commences. (It may be possible that we allow in just a few more once we make some key updates, so stay tuned 😉)

Thanks again for your overwhelming support. We are excited to be so close to the final launch of this product, and appreciate your understanding. Be sure to stay tuned for news of the official launch in the coming weeks!


Jasmine Smith (Zollie) CEO


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