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April-May 2023 Longevity App Development Update

Introduction and Welcome

A sincere welcome to all Longevity App Beta testers, health and wellness enthusiasts, AI experts, biohackers, the scientific and medical community and all others who are interested in the evolution of the Rejuve Network ecosystem, sharing our goal of increasing the healthy lifespan of human beings!

Following the March Longevity App Development Update it’s now time for a review of the progress achieved by the Rejuve.AI team with the development of the flagship Longevity App being developed for iOS and Android devices.

Longevity App Beta Update

The Longevity App Beta has been ongoing since 1st July 2022 with a testing community currently standing at 1800 users.

We are pleased to say that we have received great feedback and positive reviews from the Longevity App Beta community, however there remains further work to be done prior to the official release of the Longevity App.

A multitude of improvements are being implemented following feedback received from testers as well as ongoing developer analysis of the Longevity App’s performance.

The key issue identified during the Beta includes unreliable synchronization of data between the Longevity App and inputs such as smart device wearables and third party health apps such as Apple Health. These issues are currently being thoroughly investigated and debugged by the developer team, in addition to investigating all other reported issues with wearables.

This has, in addition to the pending upgrade of the underlying AI models powering the Longevity App, delayed the release of the full version of the App which was previously planned for release in early Q2 as stated in the recent Rejuve.AI Roadmap: 2023 Outlook.

It must be stated that Rejuve.AI is committed to quality and will launch the Longevity App only once the technical standards are met or exceeded, and we will formally release the Longevity App on Apple Appstore and Google Play Store as per Phase 1 of the plan communicated in the Roadmap: 2023 Outlook once these conditions have been met.

The patience exercised by our valuable community members at this time will be rewarded by the release of a fully tested and functional Longevity App, fit for purpose in achieving Rejuve’s goals of healthy lifespan extension.

With this key part of the update considered, let us focus on the improvements that have been and are actively being implemented into the Longevity App in preparation for its official release!

Longevity App Improvements

The improvements that are being implemented in the Longevity App fall broadly under the categories below and will be further expanded in the remainder of this article.

  • UI/UX: User Interface and User Experience Improvements

  • Increasing Data Variables: Increased scope and number of biomarker data variables for data collection and AI computation.

  • AI: Upgraded artificial intelligence models (Bayes Expert)

User Interface and User Experience Improvements

A New Home Screen

Longevity App updated home screen

A new home screen with fresh looks and increased functionality!

Easily review and keep an eye on your Biological Age as well as RJV token balance from the homepage of the Longevity App.

Enjoy an improved user experience with direct links to -

  • Devices: Connect directly to your compatible smart devices including devices from Fitbit, Google Fit(*), Oura Ring and Garmin.

  • Health and Hallmarks: Personalized insights into Health and the 10 Hallmarks of aging.

  • Compare: Compare and contrast your calculated Biological Age Ranking relative to other users of the Longevity App.

(*) Google Fit will not be supported initially, however will be compatible with the Longevity App following an update shortly after release.

An Updated Health Section

Longevity App overall health score

Longevity App health insights

The updated Health screen shows an ‘Overall Health Score’ calculated by the Longevity App.

Below this, Longevity Users will find personalized AI curated insights into key health areas such as body weight, exercise, food and diet, sleep hygiene, lifestyle, and supplements.

The more data contributed by a user, the more accurate the insights provided. In addition, users will be able to easily visualize trends of improvement or deterioration with regards to these health domains, improving their situational health awareness.

Retrospective Data Entry Is Now Possible

Longevity App data entry daily navigation

Following numerous requests made by the Longevity App Beta testing community, the ability to retrospectively (up to 3 days) enter data in the ‘Daily Health Diary’ found in the ‘Tasks’ section has been implemented.

Longevity App Users will be pleased to know that it will now be possible to enter this data for previous 3 days where it may not have been possible to do this previously enabling them to fill any data gaps, contribute more data towards medical research, and at the same time earn more Rejuve (RJV) tokens!

Use the arrows indicated on the screenshot to navigate between dates and contribute your data retrospectively.

Daily Macro and Micro-Nutrient Data Entry

Longevity App macro/micro-nutrient data entry

The location of the ‘Macro/Micro-nutrients’ Data Entry Category has been moved from inside to below the ‘Daily Health Diary’ as shown in the image. A feature that has been expedited due to the fundamental role of nutritional data in the equation of longevity, as well as its use by the Bayes Expert in computing an accurate Biological Age.

There are two options to log your daily macro and micronutrient intake, this can be done manually in-app by inputting data into the relevant sections or for more accurate reporting, it can be done via syncing your smart device data from meal-tracking and nutrition apps via Apple Health or eventually Google Fit.

There are now 41 individual macro and micronutrient data points that can be recorded daily in the Longevity App, don’t worry though if you don’t have answers to all questions as it is possible to skip through if you do not have all the information to hand, but will also enable the most conscientious Longevity enthusiasts to maximize the accuracy of their Biological Age calculations in addition to receiving the most accurate personalized Health insights.

Increasing the Scope of Data Collection

There have been substantial increases in the number and types of variables for which the Longevity App is able to collect data. These include 50 new ‘Biomarkers’ spanning blood biomarkers, biometrics, daily dietary intake and smart device telemetry signals.

Please see below for the list of all biomarkers to be supported by the release version of the Longevity App.

Updated Biomarker Profiles

Longevity App updated list of supported Blood Biomarkers

Longevity App updated Biomarkers

New and Improved Health Surveys

Health Surveys are a key method by which the Longevity App can collect data from contributors in order to calculate an adjusted ‘Biological Age’, in addition to providing accurate and personalized insights into Health and the Hallmarks of Aging.

The original version of the Longevity App incorporated 6 Health Surveys. All 6 have been supplemented with extra questions providing additional insights into Biological Age and Health insights. Additionally, 3 new surveys have been incorporated into the Longevity App bringing the total to 9 Health Surveys and 150 questions in total. Once again, Longevity App users are rewarded with Rejuve (RJV) tokens for contributing their data via completion of the Health Surveys.

Updated Health Surveys

· Demographics

· Mobility

· General Medical History

· Physical Activity

· Gut Health

· Lifestyle Factors

New Health Surveys

· Mental Health Survey — Take an inward look answering some personal and occasionally difficult questions about your mood, anxiety and energy levels, eating and sleeping habits, concentration and focus, relationships and friendships, decision making, emotional support, mental state, memory, focus and concentration, recreational activities, meditation, religious and spiritual activities. Users can rest assured this data is never shared and is only seen and used by the AI models and accessible to the core developers under the “minimum necessary principles” to generate personalized insights.

· Toxin Exposure Survey — Answer additional questions on exposure to known harmful chemicals and substances through activities or occupation e.g. paint fumes, diesel, herbicides, pesticides, nail varnish etc.

· Sleep Hygiene — A detailed questionnaire on sleeping habits, timings, disorders, tiredness and energy levels, use of medication, bedroom purposes, bed and mattress suitability.

Content and Health Insight Improvements

A large-scale update of the Longevity App’s content generation capabilities resulting in more accurate and user-friendly questions, instructions, descriptions and personalized insights into Health and Hallmarks of Aging.

The aim of this work is for a more visually appealing aesthetic and format to the insights received from the Longevity App, with more user-friendly advice and instructions generated for users.

The AI team at Rejuve.AI are also developing additional methods and models to supplement the content generation workflow producing Health and Hallmarks of Aging insights, in order to improve accuracy, personalisation of messages, and provision of insights in a more meaningful and user-friendly way.

Bayes Expert — Refining and Finishing

The AI development team, led by renowned Dr Deborah Duong continue their work on upgrading the underlying artificial intelligence technology powering the Longevity App.

Developed in-house, the ‘Bayes Expert’ is an innovative software used to create rule-based Bayesian Network probabilistic AI models such as the Longevity Bayesian Network. Leveraging user-contributed data, the AI model is able to calculate a data contributor’s Biological Age as well as individual risk scores for the 10 Hallmarks of aging.

The key updates to the ‘Bayes Expert’ include the addition of over 100 meta-analyses which go beyond the factors identified in the training data, to include additional data types and biomarkers which were not originally included in the NHANES data or highlighted by XGboost such as, IL-6 and IGF-1 levels, environmental conditions (i.e. rural, suburban or urban), mental health and social determinants of health.

The upgrade to the Bayes Expert will yield a substantial improvement in the accuracy of the risk scores calculated for each of the defined Hallmarks and the Biological Age, as well as improved Health insight statements.

The final steps being completed in the update to the Bayes Expert prior to release include:

  • Filling in identified gaps in model training to create more interconnected insights.

  • Implementing the dependency bayesExpert rule to unite the additional meta-analyses, and fewer heuristic rules like all_of, any_of and avg.

  • Adding in naive bayes and tree augmented naive bayes to perform machine learning on the NHANES dataset, to establish the correct relations between variables when there are no studies that tell us.

  • Incorporating new optimization functions based on data that also help ‘fill in’ the probable relations given the hard constraints of the meta-analyses’ statistics.

  • Installing upgraded ‘Bayes Expert’ into the Longevity App. Of note, this will fix the widely reported ‘exercise’ bug that has been noted to misreport exercise / activity status in the Longevity App.

  • Testing phase of the Longevity App with newly incorporated, upgraded ‘Bayes Expert’ to ensure the model is behaving as expected.

  • Improvement to quality of generated insights with better explanations for where particular insights came from i.e. response to user’s contributed data or AI model inference.

All described upgrades to the ‘Bayes Expert’ will be completed prior to the rollout of the Longevity App onto the Apple App Store and Google Play store for use by the wider community.


In order to provide some clarity, the Longevity App will enter Phase 1 release once all identified bugs reported in this article and performance issues have been rectified, the upgraded ‘Bayes Expert’ AI model has been incorporated and finishing touches have been completed on the UI/UX.

The Longevity App will be submitted for review once the above works have been completed and a release date will be announced to the community at this stage.

Please accept our apologies for not being able to provide a concrete date for the final release, however we feel this will crystallize in the near future as the Longevity App is continuously being finalized.

Feel free to reach out to members of the Rejuve.AI team on Telegram or Discord who will endeavour to keep all stakeholders up to date!


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