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REJUVE.AI — Longevity App Development Update

Welcome to the latest Longevity App Development Tech Update article! Rejuve.AI continues to make significant strides in the development of our pioneering Longevity App. Our dedicated team remains laser-focused on enhancing core functionalities and crafting an optimal user experience.

In this latest tech update, we are excited to share details on several major developments:

  • Progress on blockchain integration, specifically Ethereum and Cardano, to amplify utility of the RJV token

  • Upgrades to the Bayes Expert through integration of additional meta-analyses and refinements to improve efficiency

  • Modifications to the RJV test token naming conventions to distinguish between real and test tokens

  • Enhancements to allow multiple lab reports of the same type to be added over time

  • Reclassification of lab categories to make them more intuitive for users

  • Improvements to the Bayes Net Load Balancer to optimize performance

  • Investigations into missing biometric data leading to incorrect user classifications

  • General bug fixes and optimizations

  • New Horizons!

As we accelerate towards the formal release of the Longevity App, we remain committed to transparency and keeping our community informed every step of the way. Stay tuned for more exciting updates soon!

Blockchain Integration in Longevity App Development

Our dedicated team continues to make progress with the integration of both Ethereum (EVM) and Cardano blockchains into the app’s infrastructure. This pivotal integration aims to enhance the core functionalities of the Longevity App, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

One of the primary motivations behind this integration is to rejuvenate and amplify the utility of the RJV token within our ecosystem, bringing its expected utility to life.

We believe that by bridging the gap between traditional app functionalities and blockchain technology, we can offer our users a unique blend of innovation, security, and utility.

Longevity App Development Update: Bayes Expert is Upgrading

The Longevity Application continues to exhibit significant advancements, particularly within the Bayes Net domain. The following elucidates the recent enhancements in our native Bayes Expert:

Integration of Additional Meta Analyses:

The team is augmenting Bayes Expert by integrating supplementary meta-analyses. These analyses are systematically incorporated into the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) in tandem with the previously sourced NHANES data. The organization methodology employs “and” (conjunction) and “or” (disjunction) constructs, ensuring coherent grouping of related terms.

Refinement of Relative Risks Computations:

The relative risks (as derived from the meta-analyses) during their transition through the “and” and “or” groups undergo novel computations which are formulated specifically for the group.

Addressing Computational Complexity:

To ensure the Bayes Expert’s optimal functionality, a hierarchical grouping methodology has been adopted. This approach is instrumental in managing the intrinsic computational complexity associated with the net.

Structuring of the DAG for Efficiency:

The design of the DAG epitomizes the commitment to computational efficiency. By classifying concepts into “and” and “or” groups and leveraging naïve nets for NHANES, the data is organized into conditionally independent clusters. A notable example includes the 22 variables associated with diabetes, which are meticulously segmented into 10 distinct groups.

Precision in Variable Grouping:

The methodology for variable grouping adheres to principles of computational efficiency and logical consistency. Typically, a group encompasses no more than five variables. For NHANES, these groupings maintain conditional independence, aligning strictly with “and” and “or” gate logic.

Scalability and Accuracy:

With the integration of additional studies, there will be a concomitant increase in the number of variables. The aforementioned methodologies are meticulously designed to ensure that the Bayes Expert scales with both efficiency and precision.

Update on the Rejuve Token (RJV) Naming in Beta Version

In our continuous efforts to enhance clarity and user experience, we’ve made a significant change to the naming convention of the Rejuve Token (RJV) within our Beta environment. The token, previously known as RJV, has been renamed to “tRJV.” The prefix “t” stands for “test,” emphasizing that these tokens are specifically for testing purposes..

This modification aims to provide a clear distinction between actual Rejuve Tokens and those used for testing, ensuring that our users have a transparent understanding of the platform’s functionalities during the Beta phase.

Enhancements to Lab Reports

Our development team is actively working on refining the design of our platform to accommodate a much-awaited feature: the ability to add multiple lab reports of the same type from various dates.

Recognizing the importance of tracking health metrics over time, this enhancement will allow users to contribute and compare lab results from different periods. Whether it’s to monitor progress, identify trends, or simply keep a comprehensive record, this feature aims to provide users with a holistic view of their health journey.

By enabling the addition of multiple reports of the same kind, we hope to offer a more detailed and chronological perspective on health data, making it easier for users to understand and manage their well-being.

Refinement in Lab Report Classification for Enhanced User Experience

Lab reports are also being reorganised into new categories consist with conventional biomarker reporting practices to make it easier for both individuals and researchers to contribute their data.

Recognizing that the current classification might not be as intuitive or recognizable for all users, we’re embarking on a process to make these categories more comprehensive and to ensure that when users navigate through the platform, they can easily identify and understand the lab categories presented to them.

By making these categories more recognizable, we aim to reduce any potential confusion and enhance the overall user experience.

This reclassification will not only streamline the process of entering and viewing lab results but also ensure that users can quickly find and interpret the information they need.

Advancements in the Bayes Net Load Balancer for Enhanced Efficiency

Our technical team has been diligently working on improvements to the Load Balancer for the Bayes Net, a critical component of our system infrastructure. Recognizing the challenges posed by the increasing demand and the volume of calls made to Bayes Expert, we’ve identified the need to optimize its performance.

The primary objective of these enhancements is to reduce the number of calls directed to the Bayes Net, and disperse them more evenly to support a large volume of users. By doing so, we aim to significantly decrease the likelihood of system overloads, which have previously resulted in the “AI processing failure” error that some users might have encountered. This error typically arises when the system is inundated with requests, surpassing its processing capacity.

With the ongoing improvements to the Load Balancer, we’re not only looking to mitigate these errors but also to ensure a smoother, more responsive user experience. By optimizing the distribution of requests and ensuring that Bayes Expert operates within its optimal capacity, we’re taking proactive steps to maintain system integrity and deliver consistent, reliable performance to our users.

General Bug Fixes and Biometric Data Discrepancies

In addition to general bug fixes, our team is delving into a past issue concerning missing biometric data that affected a subset of our users. This data inconsistency led to certain irregularities within the app, notably incorrect age and gender classifications for some individuals. We are in the process of collaborating with our development team to ascertain if these classification errors directly stemmed from the missing data. Further clarity on this matter is anticipated shortly, as we seek to understand the root cause and ensure the accuracy and reliability of our platform for all users.

A New Horizon Awaits!

Get ready to experience Longevity like never before. We’ve been working behind the scenes, crafting something truly special for our community. A fresh perspective and a renewed vision are on the horizon in preparation for the formal Longevity App release. Stay tuned because something exciting is coming your way soon! 🌟

FINAL CALL — Catalyst Fund 10 Proposal

Cardano Catalyst — Fund 10, Rejuve.AI Proposal: Aligning Incentives through Novel Social Value Token Models

Under 48 hours to register you vote for Rejuve’s Catalyst Fund 10 Proposal! Use your voting power on Cardano to support Rejuve’s mission! Please see the official guide from IOHK on the Fund registration and voting process for Project Catalyst as it applies for every Fund.


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