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Rejuve: Longevity App Beta Announcement

**Update**: The Longevity App Closed Beta is currently limited for onboarding of and new testers. If you are a medical professional, influencer, or have other special interest in testing the Beta prior to the full release, please contact us at

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Greeting Singularitarians and future Supercentenarians,

We are excited to formally announce the Rejuve: Longevity mobile app Beta release. Our team has worked hard to bring you the world’s first blockchain-based citizen science research tool and live mobile electronic personal health record.

We have fully modeled several of the app’s core functionalities for this beta edition, and they are now ready for extensive testing by the community.

Rejuve would like to invite community members to this early adopter preview to provide fundamental feedback and testing of the app and underlying AI. The application for Closed Beta is open now!

How to Participate

The Beta launch of the Rejuve Longevity app will be open to a limited number of participants to test the app and provide feedback. We are looking for testers both with and without fitness tracker devices. Below are the hardware and software requirements to be able to run the Beta version of the app:

  • Mobile Hardware Requirements:

  • iOS devices-iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 13 or later

  • ARM Android devices running Android Lollipop 5.0 or later

  • Note* Android users must have Google Play installed; therefore, unfortunately due to sanctions, we cannot currently support Huawei devices.

  • Any Fitbit or Apple Watch (optional)


  • General health surveys — diet, exercise, lifestyle, sleep, etc.

  • Lab test/blood work surveys (sample data for Beta testing purposes will be provided, in the case of lack of current bloodwork data or unwillingness to share at this time)

  • Wearable device syncing with accompanying device data graphs

  • Calculate Biological Age

  • Generate insights modeled around the 9 +1 Hallmarks of Aging

  • Mock rewards: Submit data to “earn” tokens

  • See how you compare to other Rejuve: Longevity users

>>Please register your interest on the form here!<<

Beta test slots will be filled on a first-come basis, so register early!

**IMPORTANT**: Be sure to sign up using the email connected to your AppleID or Google account with which you wish to test. Entering an email not associated with these accounts will result in not being able to access the download. Priority will be placed on onboarding those who filled out the form correctly.


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