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REJUVE.AI x TRAVALA.COM — New Partnership Announcement

It is with a sense of immense excitement and joy that we are able to announce a fantastic development regarding a new partnership formed between Rejuve.AI and

Fueling Longevity Through Travel with RJV Tokens

We are thrilled to announce a significant partnership with the innovative online cryptocurrency-friendly travel platform,

This strategic alliance propels Rejuve.AI’s mission of promoting longevity by increasing the utility of the RJV token, awarded to Longevity App users for contributions of their data through the Longevity App — further establishing the project’s pioneering role in the web3 ecosystem., recognized for its innovation and commitment to revolutionizing the travel industry, is set to accept the RJV token — the native utility token of the Rejuve.AI project.

This development ushers in a new era of benefits and convenience for Longevity App users, pushing the boundaries of longevity research while integrating into the broader web3 universe.

Redefining Longevity through the Lens of Travel

RJV token holders now have the unique opportunity to use their tokens to book over 3,000,000 flights, hotels, and other travel experiences through But why does this matter? How does travel factor into the overarching objective of longevity?

It’s not just about visiting new places; it’s a holistic experience that profoundly influences our health and longevity. The intriguing connection between travel and longevity is multi-faceted, impacting our physical, mental, and social well-being.

Travel acts as an antidote to the monotony of everyday life. It provides a refreshing escape from routine, reducing stress levels and enhancing mental health1.

The thrill of exploration, the joy of new experiences, traversing unknown territories and encountering diverse cultures invigorates our minds, and the freedom of unplanned moments away from daily pressures significantly contribute to our emotional well-being and physical prowess.

Hiking up a mountain trail, swimming in crystal clear waters, or simply walking through an unfamiliar city promotes physical fitness, fortifies our cardiovascular system, and aids in maintaining a healthy weight and metabolic profile2. These physical challenges and excursions are not just fun — they’re an essential part of a long and healthy life.

Travel also provides a social remedy3. Seeing family and friends, building new relationships and connecting with different people, and understanding various cultures boost emotional health, decrease feelings of loneliness, and might even fortify our immune system.

Final Thoughts

The partnership between Rejuve.AI and does more than bring convenience to RJV token holders — it provides an innovative avenue to promote longevity.

By merging the worlds of longevity research, cryptocurrency, and travel4, we are opening up a new pathway for individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the launch of the full version of the Longevity App and head over to to book your next adventure with RJV tokens, reap the health benefits of travel, and contribute to the revolutionary journey of longevity research. With Rejuve.AI and, longevity is just a trip away.


Founded in 2017 and now backed by industry giant Binance, is the leading cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking service with 2,200,000+ properties in 230 countries, 400,000+ activities, and 600 airlines globally. is a champion of cryptocurrency adoption, accepting over 90 leading cryptocurrencies along with traditional payment methods. In addition to unbeatable prices via its Best Price Guarantee, Smart members on can also enjoy additional discounts and loyalty rewards for eligible bookings made on the platform. For more information about, visit:


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