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Rejuve.AI x Erbology  -  New Partnership Announcement


At Rejuve.AI, we're dedicated to pushing the frontiers of holistic wellness, using AI to create a democratized ecosystem where personalized health insights are instantly accessible.

While our focus on technology remains unwavering, a core component of our strategy is embracing the healing power of nature.

Natural remedies, derived from plants and other sources, have been used for centuries to treat various ailments. These remedies offer not only physical benefits but also mental and emotional balance. The inherent rhythm of nature aligns with our body's rhythm, promoting overall well-being.

In building our unique platform for longevity, we've sought partners who truly understand the value of holistic healing by nature. So today, we're ecstatic to share that we've partnered with the perfect experts for this mission: Erbology. 

Together, we aim to integrate the wisdom of nature into our ecosystem, ensuring that our community benefits from the holistic approach to healing.

Erbology: Giving New Meaning to Holistic Healing

Established in London in 2016, Erbology scours the world for the finest plant-based ingredients to create functional foods that make you feel good. Founded by siblings Irina and Victor Turcan, Erbology was inspired by the plants they enjoyed while growing up in Eastern Europe and the summers they spent in the countryside, surrounded by medicinal plants.

Currently, Erbology works directly with small organic farmers around the world, from Japan and India all the way to Peru, sourcing unique ingredients, from ceremonial grade matcha and Ayurvedic herbs to functional mushrooms and Amazonian botanicals. 

Erbology's breakthrough came in 2017 when they won PepsiCo's €100,000 Nutrition Greenhouse grant, propelling them toward accelerated growth. Today, with a global presence and a sterling reputation among health-conscious consumers, Erbology stands as a beacon of holistic healing in a world ever seeking natural solutions. Erbology boasts a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, with customers lauding the healing properties of their products, as well as excellent customer service. 

The Science and Philosophy Behind Erbology

Plants and natural ingredients have indeed been our allies in the journey toward wellness since ancient times. Today, science is backing up what our ancestors knew all along.

Take, for instance, the findings of the "American Gut: an Open Platform for Citizen Science Microbiome Research" study. It reveals how consuming 30 or more different plant types weekly significantly boosts the diversity of the gut microbiome. This increased diversity is associated with a healthier gut, which plays a crucial role in all aspects of overall health [1].

Despite the clear benefits, some individuals are averse to integrating plants and natural ingredients into their diets. Here, Erbology step in with their popular collection of delicious, easily prepared recipes using their products. These recipes not only make healthy eating accessible but also enjoyable, dispelling any notions of nutritious food as bland.

At Erbology, the team finds joy in crafting these mix-and-match recipes and educational content. It's a part of their philosophy now. Their community reciprocates this enthusiasm by experimenting with these recipes and taking proactive steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

Empowering Sustainable Ecosystems

Just as Rejuve.AI is dedicated to forging a thriving ecosystem of wellness companies where collaboration shines through, Erbology mirrors this ethos in its operations. At the heart of Erbology's mission lies a commitment to nurturing sustainable ecosystems of suppliers.

Erbology forges close partnerships with independent farmers who uphold the highest ethical standards and share their values, fostering a flourishing cycle from farm to store. 

Additionally, Erbology’s products are non-GMO and organically grown, ensuring purity and safety. And wherever possible, they opt for recyclable and biodegradable materials, minimizing their ecological footprint and aligning with their commitment to sustainability. 

Through these conscientious practices, Erbology not only delivers premium products but also champions a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Looking Ahead

As we look ahead, we're proud to welcome Erbology into our diverse roster of partners. By integrating Erbology's commitment to holistic healing, sustainable practices, and delicious, nutritious offerings into our ecosystem, we are enhancing the wellness journey for our entire community.

Accordingly, we're thrilled to bring our users closer to Erbology's exceptional products, paving the way for a future where holistic wellness is not just a goal but a way of life. 

To celebrate this momentous partnership, our good friends at Erbology are offering Rejuve.AI Community members an exclusive 15% discount on all products using this link.

Use promo code REJUVE15 to claim your discount.


[1] McDonald, D., Hyde, E., Debelius, J. W., Morton, J. T., Gonzalez, A., Ackermann, G., Aksenov, A. A., Behsaz, B., Brennan, C., Chen, Y., DeRight Goldasich, L., Dorrestein, P. C., Dunn, R. R., Fahimipour, A. K., Gaffney, J., Gilbert, J. A., Gogul, G., Green, J. L., Hugenholtz, P., & Humphrey, G. (2018). American Gut: an Open Platform for Citizen Science Microbiome Research. MSystems, 3(3).


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