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Animated picture of the Globe and human faced made of connected dots, representing network and human body modeling



Take control of your data and harness its earning potential

With the Longevity App, monitor essential health metrics to enhance your lifespan and accumulate RJV tokens along the way. These tokens unlock exclusive discounts on travel, supplements, medical tests, longevity therapies, and a wealth of other benefits!

Flying RJV tokens - the currency within RejuveAI system
A home screen of the Longevity app
Image describing part of the RejuveAI system: AI, Data Analyses, Clinics, Health Enthusiasts


Uniting against aging

We've established a decentralized collaboration of researchers, clinics, and data enthusiasts, all aiming for revolutionary insights in aging combat.


We commit to ensure the innovative outcomes are both affordable and accessible.


Revolutionary AI for Human Body Analysis

Harnessing the prowess of sophisticated AI, our team at Rejuve aspires to craft intricate, dynamic models of human bodily functions. This AI framework will be enriched with data from both Rejuve Network participants and an array of biological and medical databases. Our initial AI suite taps into the strengths of neural nets, Bayesian nets, simulations, and the groundbreaking AGI engine, OpenCog Hyperon.

Rejuve's AI ambition goes beyond simulating mere surface-level characteristics of living systems. We target an in-depth representation, capturing the inherent processes, mechanistic insights, and arising structures of these systems.

Animated picture of digital human body model


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