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Rejuve.AI Announces Support for 2 Additional Wearables

We have heard the voice of the community requesting that the Rejuve App support more wearable devices. Two devices received the most requests — and we are happy to announce that our app will support Garmin and Oura Ring devices next!

If you are signed up to participate in the Closed Beta, you will be among the first to test these devices!

Our other currently supported health tracker devices are Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Apple Health (which supports a wide variety of devices, along with using the iPhone itself as a wearable).

The Longevity app utilizes wearable tracking devices to give highly accurate and personalized insights for your health and longevity based on your daily activity, and are a valuable tool for ongoing research.

Wearables are not required to use the app, however, our earliest testers have found the experience to be most rewarding with the wearable. We are working to make access to these devices cheaper and easier via our platform in the future as well.

In the meantime, please continue to provide feedback on how we could improve the app experience for those without a connected wearable, and continue to share what is most important and valuable to you for the Rejuve.AI Longevity App.


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